Creating Balance in Fitness: Redefining Obesity for 2015

Coaches, stop the downward spiral of detrimental coaching and nutritional counseling with your obese clients.

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Alan Mead built an impressive physique by turning his weaknesses into strengths.

When Community Goes Wrong: The Closed-Circle Effect

The vibe comes from the people. If you get an us-vs-you feeling, you are likely not going to come back.

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The Triple Crown: The Ultimate Prize in Weightlifting

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Using Kundalini to Cultivate Awareness in Your Yoga Practice

Harness the ancient concept of the kriyavati to bring new energy to your mat.

Testing My Max (Athlete Journal 14)

Last week I tested my maxes and had a mock meet to help gauge where I am and where I need to improve.

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Reset Your Mobility With These 3 Essential Movement Patterns

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On the Other Side of a Belt Promotion (Athlete Journal 64)

Last week Scranton MMA held its first ever promotional event, and I got to be part of it.

Shake Off Travel Stagnation With This Quick Yoga Flow

Get your body moving and beat travel boredom with this fast yoga flow that can be done anywhere.

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Extreme Effort Is Only Temporary (Athlete Journal 120)

As the new year approaches, think about your average daily habits and look for opportunities to improve them.

What's a Fitness Trend? What's a Fad? Does It Matter?

The distinction between fad and trend is important. Do yourself a favor and skip the fads.