The Power of Positive Skill Transfer (Athlete Journal 116)

After about two years of not doing a snatch, I hit 85% of my all-time best result this week. How is this possible?

Maximize Performance Through Controlling Your Arousal Level

Have you ever been really excited about an event and found that then things went really well?

How to Prepare a Perfectly Paleo Thanksgiving Feast

We believe following a paleo lifestyle is the best way to nourish our bodies, and that includes allowances for special occasions and celebrations.

How to Prepare for Success in Your First Triathlon

It took me years to jump in and do a triathlon myself. I had all the usual excuses. So here's my advice.

Lack of Food Might Make You Better at Making Decisions

You might want to hold off on eating dinner before your next big poker game.

High Tops Are Ruining Your Kids' Feet and Knees

High-top shoes have stopped performing their primary function of protecting an athlete’s ankles and have now become an aesthetic choice.

"How to Love a Grappler" (Book Review)

Valerie Worthington's book is a guide for the family and partners of people who train BJJ.

How to Eliminate the Problems With Your Press

The middle portion of pressing lifts is the most problematic. How do you get past these sticking points?

The 5 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes for Lifting and CrossFit

How do today's shoes stack up? We ranked them in five categories so you can choose the shoe that’s best for you.

5 Basic Training Principles You Need to Revisit

Training with these five basic principles will keep you healthy, injury free, and getting stronger for years to come.

5 Unconventional Tips for Coaching Kids

I'm not going to give you the usual boring advice. Instead, I'm here to offer some not-so-expected tips on how to handle kids.

4 Things You Don't Know You're Doing That Sabotage Your Performance

If you can kick any of these habits, you’ve just defined yourself as a stronger, fitter, more functional human.

The Proper Way to Do a Hero WOD and Honor the Fallen

Does doing a really hard workout “honor” someone killed in battle? No. So what are we left with?

The Dark Place of Competition (Where We Learn and Grow)

Training is a safe place. But it is only in the deep waters of competition that we can truly learn about ourselves.

For Weight Loss, the Scale Can Be Your Friend

A new study suggests daily weighing provides beneficial feedback and motivation for weight loss clients.

Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review)

These are high-quality products for the dedicated yogi, at a price that can’t be beat.

Yoga Drill to Strengthen the Core and Activate the Glutes (Video)

With this exercise we are specifically recruiting the strength of the glutes and the rectus abdominis.

An Easy Method to Teach a Perfect Weightlifting Start Position

Here's how we get a new athlete to approach the bar and simply set his or her back correctly without much thought.

Can Chocolate Help Fight Metabolic Syndrome?

Got a sweet tooth and don't know how to satisfy it? New research says chocolate is a good option.

How Women Should Train for Optimal Testosterone Levels

For females athletes, well-planned training is key to the best hormonal balance and response.

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