Ease Yourself - and Your Family - Into a Paleo Way of Eating

"Real Life Paleo" provides all the resources you need to ease into paleo-style eating.

12 Reps - The Breaking Muscle Digest - Vol. 1, Issue 3

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

Warm Up Quickly With the Agile 8 Routine

This mobility sequence takes the guesswork out of warming up and prepares your body for battle.

6 Super Simple Sandbag Workouts

Ditch the barbells and dumbbells for a few workouts to experience the unique challenges and benefits of sandbag training.

Science and Superathletes: The New Generation of Sport

Mark McClusky's book, "Faster, Higher, Stronger," is full of good science and great stories.

Research Says Nature Provides Secret Tools for Reducing Stress

Give your cortisol and DHEA levels a boost by investing time getting closer to nature.

Avoiding the Bad Coach: A Parent's Guide

Trust your instincts and identify the warning signs of a coach who is on the wrong track.

Don't Like Brussels Sprouts? These 3 Recipes Will Change Your Mind

If you think you don't like Brussels sprouts, give these recipes a shot. I've never had leftovers.

Adjust Your Crank Length for Stronger Cycling

Your strength and fitness for cycling might be on point, but is your bike set-up holding you back from your best results?

5 Simple Exercises to Eliminate Neck Pain

Finding the underlying cause of your neck pain can help get your whole body in line.

The 3 Worst CrossFit Coaching Cues (and How to Fix Them)

Despite what you may read, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" cue for your athletes.

Freedom Through Movement: Carl Paoli On Sport and Life

Between his book, "Free+Style," and his new seminar, Paoli has a lot to offer athletes.

3 Ways Yoga Can Heal and Prevent Back Pain

Yoga is all about balance, and if you have chronic back pain that's exactly what your body needs.

Powerlifting and Positivity with Donnie "Super D" Thompson, Ep 11

Body tempering, powerlifting inventions, and avoiding the marriage mistake - prepare to be educated and entertained by Super D.

Foraging, Farming, and the Real Meaning of Paleo

"Paleo" suggests a return to primitive eating, but what is the true nature of fostering a deeper connection with our food?

Mental Mastery: Smart Strength With Charles Staley

Strength training veteran Charles Staley is here to answer our readers' questions about life and lifting.

Breakdowns and Takedowns: My Top 5 BJJ Analysis Resources

The Internet has made BJJ analysis so much easier. Learn to learn by observing with these websites.

The 2015 Frannies: The Worst in the Sport of CrossFit

The Oscars has its Razzies, the counterpoint to its self-aggrandizing pageant, so let’s cash in on that feel, shall we?

Try These Kettlebell Workout Splits for Major Muscle Gains

The unique nature of the kettlebell coupled with volume and time under tension will help you achieve maximum levels of muscle hypertrophy.

You Don't Have to Be Normal: The Reality of Postpartum Fitness

It doesn't matter if going to the gym six weeks after delivery is normal. What matters is whether or not you are ready.