5 Ways Coaches Can Make Our World Better

If we want a guidepost for the often turbulent world of sports, we can go to some of the greatest coaches of modern society. Here are five of their lessons.

Antifragility: Learn to Thrive Under Pressure

Just as metal gets stronger when heated and hammered, we can get stronger when we train with pressure.

You Are Not a Bodybuilder (So Don't Train Like One)

What type of training modality is best for athletes? We all move the iron now, but how we do it is the new minefield.

It Starts With the Squat: Using Orthoses to Correct Position

Using orthoses is a great way to reinforce what the correct positions are, even when you’re not standing there making corrections.

Rich Froning Is Not the Fittest Man In History

By all means, Rich Froning is the best CrossFitter of all time. But that's where his fitness ends for now.

A Frank Assessment of the Plank: Just a Way to Burn Time?

Yes, doing the plank is better than sitting on the couch. But the benefits are minimal.

Movement 101: Standards for Movement Quality

Check your movement quality every session. At the beginning and end. No, I'm not kidding.

Let Go of Perfect: How to Find Consistency in Your Training

Purpose, persistence, and passion are the secrets to true training success.

Safety: The Most Important Part of Choosing a Fitness Program

Are there some exercise programs that are inherently dangerous? The following checklist should help you decide.

Unleash Hellacious Power With the Tall Kneeling Unilateral Pull

This exercise will build strength, power, and force by working the posterior oblique subsystem.

Skill Juggling: How the Jack of All Trades Improves... All Trades

If improving multiple skills simultaneously is an issue you struggle with, try these strategies.

2 Kettlebell Exercises to Create Incredible Trunk Power

Focus on these movements for the next four to six weeks. Work up to a heavy kettlebell. You can thank me later.

Winter Is Coming: Time to Up Your Warm-Up Game

With cold weather on its way, your warm up is about to become even more important.

3 of the Best: This Week's Top Articles, Vol. 1

These pieces have caught your attention throughout the week. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

Fix Your Hand Position to Supercharge Your Squats

Squats should be working your legs and glutes. But when your grip is too wide, they don't do that any more.

A Hearty, Seasonal One-Skillet Breakfast (or Lunch) Recipe

This recipe for shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg dish, has a delicious and nutritious twist for the athlete in all of us.

Impact Forces: Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Feet, Part 3

These exercises are exactly what you need to do to build up strength and endurance in your foot muscles.

Body Image Matters: Your Relationship to Weight Loss

Valuing your personal appearance can help motivate healthier diet and exercise choices but there is a fine line to tread between body image and weight loss.

5 Reasons Your Friends and Family Don't Listen to You About Health

Do you have health advice to share with your loved ones? Examine how you can be more effective at making a difference.

The Real Reason Your Pain Is Holding You Back

There's no easy way to say it: being injured sucks. But what's even worse is not being able to fix the root cause of your pain.