5 Outstanding People I've Met Thanks to BJJ

Over the years I have met many people who have become longstanding friends, teachers, confidantes, and business partners.

How to Develop a Strong Coach-Weightlifter Relationship

Only those who have undergone the competitive experience can efficiently master the role of a coach.

A Desk Based Yoga Flow for Office Workers (Video)

Taking a quick break to follow along with the video will get you moving, stretched, and reenergized.

You're Not Actually Strong Enough to Bench

In order to prevent a nasty shoulder injury and to increase your weight on the bar, you need to have shoulder stability and mobility first.

Anaerobic Capacity Essential for High-Level Boxers

A new study underlined need for acid buffering capacity and tolerance of acidosis in elite boxers.

Why I Always Hit a Daily Training Max (Athlete Journal 6)

After resting and recovering with a deload, I headed back to the gym to tackle the daily training max.

The Only Smoothie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Smoothies should be simple. Here's a recipe that uses only four ingredients and makes a delicious, nutrient-packed treat.

A Bodyweight Exercise to Prevent Back Pain and Shoulder Pain

The gymnast bridge will increase your flexibility, and is great for body control and coordination, too.

9 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Running

Learn from my mistakes. Follow these tips on what to buy, what to try, and what you need to remember.

The 5 Key Mindset Qualities of Successful Athletes

While everyone has a different personality, I have found there are five key mindset qualities common with nearly all successful athletes.

Slow Down: Chad Vaughn's Free 4-Week Weightlifting Program

Overhead stability, bar path, extension, and head movement are guide this initial program and lead towards all of the variations and progressions.

Lineagewear Leggings (Product Review)

These leggings really are multi-purpose garments that make a statement. I happily wear them in the gym and into town.

5 Lunge Variations for Lower Body Strength (Video)

Step forward and learn how to perform this staple single-leg bodyweight exercise.

Using Intensity to Increase Strength, Power, and Endurance

Believe it or not, lesser loads have the potential to recruit a larger number of muscle fibers compared to a 1RM.

Beyond the FMS: How to Design Powerful Corrective Exercises

Bad patterns need to be broken before improvement of stability and motor control can take place.

The Power of the Purple (Athlete Journal 56)

Even though my mind and body were working against me this week, I forced myself to get some hard training.

FLEXR Sports Bottle (Product Review)

Despite a few flaws, this bottle's innovative design and helpful features make it a promising product.

How to Use the Front Squat to Improve Strength and Performance

Wants to get all-around strong, steer clear of injury, and maximize carry over into strength sports? Front squat.

2014 AAU Worlds Powerlifting Championships (Athlete Journal 112)

Last weekend I competed at the Masters World Championships. Here's some footage of how it all went.

Get Back to Basics With Over a Year of Free Gymnastics Workouts

Why start moving and controlling other things before you have learned how to move and control yourself?

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