4 Ways to Make Better Connections With Friends, Clients, and Yourself

Don’t hide on the phone, Facebook, or the computer. Examine your emotions and when you shut them down.

Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cake (Recipe)

Nothing says fall like the smell of pumpkin and spices wafting through your home. This paleo chocolate pumpkin cake is sure to satisfy your fall cravings.

Craving Success? Then Respect the Process

If you can't fill out a training diary for five minutes, then will you have the discipline to eat well for the rest of the year?

The CSCS Credential: What's It Actually Worth?

A new survey of physical therapists who hold a CSCS credential found it might only be helpful in some areas of business.

Setbacks and Mind Games During Injury Recovery (Athlete Journal 4)

Recovering from an injury is already challenging enough, but when you toss in all the psychological games our minds trip us out with, it’s that much worse.

6 Life-Changing Ways Your Black Belt Journey Can Transform You

Your black belt does not turn you into a Zen-spouting superhero, but the process is transformative and rewarding.

An Analysis of Interesting Weightlifting Records and Trends

Did you know that the average junior world record is 97.5% of the corresponding senior world record?

The Science of Strength Training for Vertical Jump and Change of Direction

Athletes rarely run a straight line in their sports. So how do you develop the ability to change direction?

A Highly Effective Facebook Marketing Tactic for Fitness Professionals

The moment you understand this tactic will be the day you see huge profits and gains in your business.

Effects of Caffeine on Upper and Lower Body Strength

New research found the more muscles you use, the more caffeine seems to benefit performance.

Priorities in Life and Training (Athlete Journal 38)

I got less training time in this week, but due to good prioritization, it wasn't any lower quality.

RAD Roller (Product Review)

In my long struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pain, I've tried many self-massage products. The RAD Roller is the best.

The Biggest Loser: The Most Damaging Show on TV?

You may get inspired by some of the contestants. But know they are doing metabolic damage to their bodies.

When a Single Moment Is the Difference Between Winning and Losing

Oh the heartache when a single-rep makes the difference in winning and losing. In truth, the story is much larger.

The Fitness Industry Has Failed: How Variety Will Get You Fit

Do you know why the fitness industry is flawed? It’s because we’ve forgotten about fitness.

Iron Supplementation in Runners: Enough Is Enough

A review of almost 100 studies found iron supplements may be especially important for runners, but not in high doses.

Born to Run: Why Track and Field Deserves Your Respect

What is running fast or far, if not a metaphor for the internal struggle against the body's inherent laziness?

The Next Step in My Yoga Practice (Yoga Teacher Training Journal 1)

If you’re considering a yoga teacher training program but aren’t sure what it’s like or what work it entails, I’m writing these journals for you.

Top 10 Foods to Fight Inflammation

By eating anti-inflammatory foods, your body will stay stronger, recover faster, and attain better results in whatever sport you pursue.

The Real and Present Danger of Overtraining Youth Athletes

We are neglecting our children. We are failing to care for them properly and allowing them to overtrain - with lifelong consequences.

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