Body Composition or Skill: Which Is More Important for Jumping?

A new study explores the athletic traits needed for jump performance.

Introducing the Special Forces Workouts (and a Must-Read FAQ)

The Special Forces workouts for current and aspiring operators start today. This FAQ will help you get the most out of the program.

4 Bodyweight Deadlift Alternatives (Video)

In the first of a new calisthenics series, Al Kavadlo shares four exercises for the posterior chain.

It's Time to Face the Hard Reality of Fitness

Facing the truth was a common and important theme from this past week's writing, so here are my picks for your must-read articles.

7 Insane Leg Workouts That May Make You Take Up Basket Weaving

Many avoid working the legs even though there is a huge upside to it. Are you willing to get after it?

School's Out For Summer (Athlete Journal 34)

Finals are finally over, and I'm excited to train and compete during the summer months!

MMA Workout: To Develop Movement, Strength, and Power

A solid ring (or cage) presence is all about quality movement, power, and conditioning. This workout can help you reach your potential as as fighter.

CrossRope 2.0 (Product Review)

The CrossRope is definitely one of the best jump ropes I’ve tried, and I recommend it to anyone.

Grinding Out Heavy Sets (Athlete Journal 91)

Lately I’m focusing on work, rather than saving myself on my warm ups so that I can display my strength at the top set.

Roger Federer: Playing Tennis Through Google Glass (Video)

Watch Roger Federer as you've never seen him before - through his own eyes.

Look After Your Back: Preventative Measures for Firefighters

The following tips can help firefighters inside the gym, outside the gym, and at work.

5 Steve Jobs Quotations and How to Apply Them to Your Training

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.”

"Beyond Training" (Book Review)

I recommend Ben Greenfield's new book to anyone who is even halfway serious in any physical activity, from endurance training to CrossFit.

Strength and Power Rep Schemes Work for Hypertrophy, Too

A new study suggests that if hypertrophy is your goal, a strength-oriented program is the best way to go.

The Hard Road Is Worth It (Athlete Journal 19)

Some of the most amazing moments in my life were only possible because I was willing to walk the hard road.

Nudge App (Tech Review)

Looking for an easy way to integrate all your fitness data? There's an app for that!

Inner Silence: 8-Week Meditation Challenge #4

As this meditation allows for shifting awareness, it is a good place to start if you find it difficult to sit in stillness.

Doping: A Growing Problem for Youth Athletes?

According to studies, three to four percent of high school pupils have tried some form of performance enhancing drug (PED).

The Problem of Power, Money, and Integrity in Weightlifting

Every so often we get somebody drifting into our sport who thinks he is going to get rich.

8 Subtle Attributes of a Great Coach

Are you a great coach? How do you become a great coach? Time to find out.