190 Free Workouts for Kettlebell Lovers

There are enough kettlebell workouts here to keep you swinging and pressing for 96 weeks.

How to Diagnose and Treat Endometriosis

Roughly one in ten women of childbearing age are affected by endometriosis. Learn about the symptoms and treatment.

Beyond Babywearing: Mechanical Nutrients for Babies (And Parents)

Baby carriers and jogging strollers are helpful, but we shouldn't overlook the most basic way to get a baby around.

Programming for Injury Prevention: How to Keep Your Athletes Healthy

Despite our growing understanding of physiology, the incidence of injury has increased over the last ten years. So what gives?

Small Saddle Adjustments for Cyclists Make a Big Difference

Just a half-inch difference in saddle height can significantly impact performance.

Training Within My Parameters (Athlete Journal 24)

This week I focused on listening to the messages my body is giving me and adjusting my training accordingly.

7 Minute Pre-Sweat Session Yoga Flow (Video)

These stretches will help lengthen and engage the major muscles before any intense session.

How Much Training Do You Need?

Whether you are a competitor or a recreational athlete, you can learn a lot about your body if you just listen.

To Clench or Not to Clench (Your Butt), That Is the Question

Perma-clenching is often an unconscious habit created by deep core weakness, pelvic misalignment, pelvic floor weakness, and lumbar instability.

The Key to Conquering the Elusive Muscle Up

You’ve spent hours doing technique work, playing with bands, and watching progressions. So what are you missing?

Science Investigates the Cause of Muscle Cramps

If you've ever experienced a muscle cramp while training, you know what a pain it can be. But can you prevent it?

Tactical Strength Challenge Results (Athlete Journal 6)

I competed in the Elite class for the recent Tactical Strength Challenge, and now I'm ready for SFG 2 next week.

4 Bodyweight Squat Variations (Video)

In this video Ben shows you four squat variations: the prisoner squat, the single leg squat, the BOSU get up, and the Cocorinha.

You Are Responsible for What Goes in Your Mouth

How discerning are you when it comes to what you eat? Do you really read all the labels? Do you actually know how your supplements were made?

Back to My Roots (Athlete Journal Entry 26)

I have a short break from school, and I'm taking the time to up my intensity and have fun with my training.

Why Do You Do That? A Primer on Motivation and Goal-Setting

Human behavior is a funny thing. So often our goals are detached from reality. How do we align the two?

Caveman Cookies (Product Review)

Sometimes you just need a cookie, and these are a healthy and tasty option for health-conscious cookie lovers.

How to Put Meat on Your Quads (Athlete Journal 86)

Ramping up my training volume, especially on weak areas and without sacrificing intensity, is doing me a lot of good.

Kilian Martin: Altered Route - Skateboarding (Friday Flick)

Stop for a second and marvel at this incredible infusion of skateboarding, gymnastics, and dance.

The Best Diet for Firefighters and Police

Emergency responders actually save peoples lives, so premium fuel for performance is a must.