The Fitness Industry Has Failed: How Variety Will Get You Fit

Do you know why the fitness industry is flawed? It’s because we’ve forgotten about fitness.

Iron Supplementation in Runners: Enough Is Enough

A review of almost 100 studies found iron supplements may be especially important for runners, but not in high doses.

Born to Run: Why Track and Field Deserves Your Respect

What is running fast or far, if not a metaphor for the internal struggle against the body's inherent laziness?

The Next Step in My Yoga Practice (Yoga Teacher Training Journal 1)

If you’re considering a yoga teacher training program but aren’t sure what it’s like or what work it entails, I’m writing these journals for you.

Top 10 Foods to Fight Inflammation

By eating anti-inflammatory foods, your body will stay stronger, recover faster, and attain better results in whatever sport you pursue.

The Real and Present Danger of Overtraining Youth Athletes

We are neglecting our children. We are failing to care for them properly and allowing them to overtrain - with lifelong consequences.

How to Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Actions

When you experience negative moments in your chosen competition or adventure, I recommend you take these two actions.

Vitamin D in Elite Athletes: The More the Better

Researchers wanted to see how vitamin D levels correlated with power, speed, and cardiovascular ability in elite soccer players.

Off to Copenhagen (Athlete Journal 52)

These were my last few weeks of training before the Worlds Masters Weightlifting Championships.

How to Manage Time, Energy, Emotions, and Expectations to Achieve Results

Charles Staley has shared his journals so you can see how to optimize your training at any age.

Use EFT to Achieve Success in Your Fitness and Nutrition Goals

In this final article, I’ll give you more ideas on using EFT to shatter beliefs on your limitations and even beat your chocolate cravings.

Blood Analysis: Unlock the Body’s Secrets to Reach Peak Performance

We have clues in our blood that are easy to measure. These clues can have a major impact on our performance and long-term health.

My 4-Week Program for Achieving Handstand Happiness

Get better handstands, freestanding handstand push ups, press hand stands, and handstand walking.

Research Reveals Training Habits of Champion Skiers

A recent study followed world-class elite endurance athletes to find out more about how they trained.

Six Weeks Isn't Much Time (Athlete Journal 2)

I’ll be training four times per week and dramatically increasing my volume for the six weeks before my next powerlifting meet.

3 Progressions for the L-Sit (Video)

The L-Sit belongs in every athlete's alphabet of bodyweight exercises.

For Skinny Young Guys: 3 Programs to Bulk You Up

Choose a viable workout program, and do it religiously. Bust your butt, rest on non-workout days, and eat like you want it.

Seminar With Rafael Mendes (Athlete Journal 52)

Last week I had the chance to learn from BJJ athlete Rafael Mendes. I even got to roll with him and ask him questions over a sushi dinner.

Jaco Compact Convertible Training Bag (Product Review)

This compact, heavy-duty bag is perfect for athletes who need a versatile product to transport their items.

Reassess Your Coaching Cues to Get Results For Your Clients

Evaluate your coaching, evaluate each other’s coaching - then make the improvements. Your athletes will thank you.

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