"The Paleo Foodie Cookbook" (Book Review)

Arsy Vartanian's newest book is all about celebrating the ritual and art that goes into to crafting our own nutrition.

How to Warm Up Properly for Your Cycling Event

A good warm up will enable your body to get to its working heart rate quicker. Starting from cold means your body has to work anaerobically for longer.

A Tale of Two Lifters and Their Coaches

I feel the need to discuss some common mistakes that I see occurring frequently at local weightlifting meets.

The Advantage of Training With a Power Meter

What is it about power meters that makes them useful when measuring training or performance? Why not just use heart rate or speed?

PAP Can Shave Time Off Cyclist Race Times

In a new study, doing leg presses before a 20km trial cut cyclist times significantly.

How Conditioning, Mobility, and Recovery Are Essential to Successful BJJ

It is Sam Spiegelman's goal to provide BJJ practitioners with everything to keep training for a lifetime.

5 Tips for Better Sleep and a Healthier Mind and Body

Irregular or insufficient sleep is a factor in illnesses of both body and mind. Here's how you can create better sleep habits.

4 Reasons to Do the StrongFirst Certification

I have never had a doubt about getting the certificate, but I began to wonder why. So to find out, I wrote an article.

Youth Sports: What Separates Talented Athletes From Great Athletes?

I believe two traits differentiate talented athletes from great athletes - mental toughness and a strong work ethic.

How the Flat Bench Came to Be

Prior to this invention, athletes pressed from the floor. And the bench wasn't created until sometime in the 1950s.

3 Traps of Modern Day Thinking (and How to Avoid Them in Training)

Hard work, experience, and earned respect are values that are fast disappearing in the new generation of trainers and athletes.

Science Compares Solutions for Low Back Pain

A corrective exercise called the Lewit was compared to hollowing and bracing in a recent study.

Back in the Weight Room (Athlete Journal 16)

Although I've shifted my Olympic weightlifting focus, I know it helps me as a grappler and I was happy to get back to lifting this week.

BioSkin Hinged Knee Skin (Product Review)

This knee brace helped me get back on the mat quickly after an LCL injury.

Chakras Demystified: Anahata - The 4th Chakra

The fourth chakra, anahata, is all heart. It is all about you. Writing your future - your way.

Almost Magic: Why You Need to Eat More Mushrooms

Mushrooms are nutritional beasts. Could they be part of the formula for chronic disease prevention and longer life?

Masters Athletes and the Muscle Up Hullabaloo

This last week when the Masters Qualifier workouts were announced, you would have thought someone threw a bag of kittens into a river.

The Fitness Professional Manifesto

So, you’ve been a trainer for a while and want to take it to the next level? If that is you then read on.

Vitamin D Insufficiency: A Surprising Trend In Athletic Adults

New research found even young, physically active adults still tend to be lacking in vitamin D.

Commitment Is An Act (Athlete Journal 17)

I walked out of yesterday's training seriously doubting my athletic abilities, but I know I have to embrace those days and not fear them.