Is Supplement Timing Really That Important?

Some products only work in specific windows and some just work better at certain times of day. Let’s take a closer look at the timing of our supplements.

Member Retention: Is It Important?

Looking at the numbers of people who actually stick around your gym can be scary, but your business will thank you.

Tribesports App (Tech Review)

I've been waiting for Tribesports to bring their app to Android, and the time has finally come.

Weekly Work-In: Week 7 - Following Your Bliss

What does it mean to follow your bliss, and how do you know when you're doing it? Here are some practices and tips on finding that place for yourself.

Are Growing Pains a Normal Part of Childhood?

While medical experts acknowledge that growing pains are real, there is much disagreement as to their actual cause.

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Coach, Personal Trainer, or Programmer

Answering these questions will prepare you to continue in your training, consistently and patiently.

Why Winning and Losing Matters and the Dodo Is Extinct

Schools insist on equality of result. No one fails and no one's self-esteem is damaged - and no one is prepared for real life.

The 10 Types of Coaches and How to Spot Them

Coaching is a journey, full of contradictions and conundrums. Along the way, coaches tend to drop in and out of different coaching styles.

PAP for Improved Sprint Performance: No Barbell Required

Heavy lifting has a known PAP effect, but new research suggests a more practical solution for field athletes.

Taking Home Gold (Athlete Journal Entry 14)

Although I wasn't as prepared as I usually am, last weekend's tournament turned out to be a huge success.

"Thrive Energy Cookbook" (Book Review)

Brendan Brazier's book is packed with 150 nutrient-dense, vegan recipes to fuel your workouts.

Chakras Demystified: Vishuddha - The 5th Chakra

Vishuddha is a place for liberation. It involves the area where heartfelt feelings and intellect join together.

The Top 10 BJJ Rashguards for Women

I own about forty rashguards and these are the ones I wear the most. I tried to narrow the list down to five, but I just couldn’t do it!

Athletes Have More Mental Toughness - In and Out of the Gym

Researchers found athletes have much greater mental toughness than non-athletes, particularly when it comes to hope and perseverance.

The Signature Heard ‘Round the World: CrossFit vs. the NPFL

Serious CrossFit Games contenders are signing with the NPFL. It may be time for CrossFit to discover diplomacy.

Strength Training Does Not Increase Critical Power

Recent studies support the idea that strength training benefits endurance athletes, but the exact reasons why are a bit elusive.

Telling the Athlete's Story - Jorge Huerta Photography (Featured Photographer)

Jorge loves to capture the community and family of CrossFit in his photographs.

"The 28 Days Lighter Diet" (Book Review)

This book by Ellen Barrett and Kate Hanley aims to help women manage their menstrual cycles, and not vice versa.

An Average Session With Clients With Down Syndrome

People with Down Syndrome have excessively lax joints and poor muscle tone and coordination. The emphasis needs to be stability and strength.

Progressing the Pistol Using the Rings: Why I Was Wrong (Video)

I've changed my mind about using the rings to advance your pistol skills, and here's why.