Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 21 - 2/22/2014

This week we received some updates about what will be allowed at the upcoming tournament. I'm also enjoying the strength and conditioning I've added to my training.

2 Mistakes That Can Harm Your Training Efforts and How to Fix Them

Are you tending to what gets you from point A to point B or are you unsure if your training components are working? Here are two mistakes you might be making.

10 Articles and Videos to Help You Get to Grips with Grip Strength

Given the importance of grip strength, it is surprising how much of a weakness it is for many. Here are ten articles and videos to help you make sure it's not a weak point for you.

Product Review: HumanX X3 Competition Gloves

The HumanX X3 Competition Gloves are ideal for athletes who switch between many types of grips and devices during their workouts.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 78 - Kettlebell Work and High Volume Deadlifts

This week I continued focusing on my kettlebell work to prepare for the Tactical Strength Challenge. Aside from a small tweak in my shoulder, I'm feeling on track.

Friday Flicks: Orienteering - The Hubmann Brothers (Go Hard or Go Home)

Meet the Hubmann brothers - two of the best orienteers in the world. Watch them battle it out, moving at breakneck speeds under, over, and through some diverse natural terrain.

The Future Of Firefighting: What It Could (and Should) Look Like

The year is 2030 and firefighters now need to be faster, stronger, and more agile than ever. We bring to you the 2030 Fire Department Physical Ability Test. Can you pass it?

Fitness Testing for Kids: What Exactly Should We Be Testing For?

Fitness testing is a snapshot of a point in time, but kids tend to develop non-linearly. How valid is fitness testing for kids and what should we be looking for?

How and Why to Use All 3 Planes of Motion to Improve Your Mobility

If you're stuck on a few movements or stretches, you may be limiting your ability to truly increase your range of motion. Most of our major muscles groups exist in more than one plane.

The Hamstring-to-Quadriceps Strength Ratio in Female Runners

Strengthening the hamstrings is crucial for performance and injury prevention. A new study investigates the relationship between hamstring and quadriceps strength.

Athlete Journal: Alli Moyer, Entry 13 - 2/20/2014

It's an athlete's nature to never be satisfied, and that's okay. But sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate how we gauge success and failure.

Product Review: The Ring Thing

Struggling with strict gymnastics movements? The Ring Thing was made for you. This tool helped me obtain my first strict muscle up, and I've received positive feedback from clients, too.

4 Ways You Can Fight Back Against the War on Physical Education

More and more children are growing up uneducated about what it means to be a healthy person. What can we do about it? If you feel that something can and should be done - then read on.

Weightlifting Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Injury when weightlifting, like all other sports, is to be avoided. The instance of injury will be minimal if you take all possible steps that eliminate the chances for them to occur first place.

You Are What Your Plate Size Tells You to Eat

In many diets the focus is on overcoming the temptation of unhealthy foods. But research indicates that will power is much less powerful than subconscious cues of what to eat.

Man Up and Move On: 10 Simple Ways to Get Out of a Training Rut

Yes, yes, I know. No training rut is the same and we're all different and unique. But if you can't take away at least a few tips from this piece, there's no helping you.

Plyometric Exercises Improve Athleticism in Youth Soccer Players

A new study found adding plyometrics into an adolescent soccer program improved the players' performance in general physical fitness assessments.

12 Articles by Dresdin Archibald - Weightlifter, Accountant, and International Referee

Dresdin Archibald is a 63-year-old weightlifter, accountant, and international referee. Here are twelve of his articles to educate and fascinate you.

Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 7 - 2/19/2014

Now that competition season is in full swing, I've started to focus on tightening up my diet, strength and conditioning, bodyweight, and my overall BJJ game.

Roasted Squash Soup (Recipe)

Cold winter days are when I want to bundle up in a pile of blankets with a good book, cup o’ tea, a furry friend, and - you guessed it - a creamy bowl of piping hot soup.