Book Review: "Prehab Exercise Book for Runners" by Michael Rosengart

Michael Rosengart's book, "Prehab Exercise Book for Runners," is an excellent resource for any athlete who wants to improve mobility and prevent injury.

Friday Flicks: Amazing Martial Arts Athlete Chloe Bruce - Scorpion Chick

Super speed, well-honed fighting skills, insane flexibility, and power to match - this woman has it all.

How to Grow a Pair

The title says it all. Here’s how you grow a pair of biceps, hamstrings, shoulders, and quads, as well as a good hefty pair of mental muscles, too.

Understanding Glycolysis: What It Is and How to Feed It

If you participate in sports or gym activities that require high energy outputs for two to three minutes, you need to make sure you are ingesting plenty of carbohydrates.

Your GPP Is Broken: Why You Need 90+ Minute Sessions

GPP is a term that gets thrown around an awful lot these days. But I find people, trainers included, are confused about what "fitness" is and what they should really be capable of doing.

Science Investigates How to Rest For Power

Training for power isn't the same as training for strength. A recent study found optimal rest between sets is different for athletes who want to improve power.

Catching the Bounce, Part 2: The Jerk

Just as in the clean, we now have another opportunity to take advantage of the springiness of the bar in order to complete the lift. Here's how you do it.

Book Review: "Against All Grain" by Danielle Walker

With its delicious recipes, "Against All Grain," by Danielle Walker, just might be my new favorite general-purpose paleo cookbook. Here's why - and a recipe too!

Myths About Disc Bulges: They Are Not Forever - But Training Is

Let me shine a light for you in the darkness of the back pain night. Disc bulges and injuries are not forever, but there are some important things to know about treatment.

Being a Dissenting Voice in CrossFit: 3 Thing I'd Love CF Coaches to Hear

I'm a yoga teacher who teaches mobility at a CrossFit box. I love the community, but have some issues with the program. We all need some honest feedback from the outside from time to time.

6 Common Deadlift Questions Answered

Conventional or sumo? Mixed grip or overhand grip? And what about hook grip? Or straps? So many questions about deadlift variations! Here are my answers to the most common deadlift dilemmas.

Plyometric Training – Which Volume and Surfaces to Choose

Plyometric training is practiced by many athletes to improve explosive power. A recent study explored the best surface and volume for maximum effectiveness.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Power Clean From Blocks Below the Knee

The power clean from blocks below the knee helps to improve the speed of the barbell, and the power of the athlete.

Authentic MMA: What Makes the U of MMA a Different Kind of Fight Show

The brainchild of two MMA business veterans, the U of MMA strives to create a positive community environment for both the fighters and the spectators.

Aikido in Brief: A Short Introduction to a Large Art

I’m currently preparing for my third-degree black belt in aikido. A lot of people might not know what aikido is or what makes it different. This article is an attempt to answer that question.

It's Never About Rhabdo - It's About CrossFit Hate

There's been a lot of ruckus surrounding CrossFit and rhabdo lately. But it is even about rhabdo? Or is it more about our attitude as CrossFitters?

Single Kettlebell Ballistic Complexes: How to Save Your Shoulders and Still Work Overhead

While there is a large chance many of us will need to stop pressing due to the shoulders issues, there is no need to stop overhead work all together.

Mobility: It's All In the Hips - Or Is It?

Tight hip flexors are a common problem in athletes. A new study aimed to discover whether increased flexibility transferred over to improved mobility.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 70 - Consistent Practice

This week was a straightforward week working on some of the key movements I've been focusing on in my training. I also hosted a powerlifting meet at the gym.

Military Special Operations: Do You Have the Mental Fortitude to Make It?

For those of you interested in Special Forces, if you think it's just about being physically ready, think again. It’s about psychological fitness on top of physical fitness.

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