The Safety of CrossFit From a Physical Therapy Viewpoint

If you aren’t an athlete and you don’t compete, there simply isn’t any reason for you to be injured - ever.

Live Your Mission: 4 Ways to Inspire Others as a Coach

I’m going to help you become a better leader, inspire others, and leave a mark in our industry.

Science Says Half-Rep Haters Might Be Wrong

We’ve all been frustrated with the half-squatters taking up time in the power rack, but they might be on to something after all.

Heavy Snatch Session (Athlete Journal 26)

I spent all week preparing for a heavy snatch session on Saturday, and was pleased with the results.

What Oregon and Colorado Can Teach Us About Fitness

What it is about these two states that makes them so fit, healthy, and active? Here's what I see makes the difference.

Is Starting Sports in Childhood Best for Bone Strength?

A recent article addressed this topic by comparing tennis players who began playing as children or young adults.

How to Maximize BJJ Training with Minimum Time

To maintain your movements and conditioning, what you do on days you are not grappling is critical to your success in BJJ.

3 Keys to Assessing the Overhead Throwing Athlete

When repetitive stress is combined with poor stability, mobility, or movement patterns, then athletes are likely to breakdown.

9 Unusual Exercises That Will Boost Your Strength

Strength training is a monotonous activity most of the time. Sometimes you just get tired of the exercises you’ve been doing.

Science Compares the Back Squat to the Overhead Squat

It was the ultimate squat face off, but I think the results of this new study need further questioning.

3 Balance and Stability Exercises for Senior Athletes (Video)

In this video, Ben goes through three progressive, rotational movements to use with older clients.

The Most Important Fitness Articles of the Week

What does chocolate have to do with the most important fitness articles of the week? Read on to find out!

Balancing Intelligence and Intensity (Athlete Journal 31)

I'm starting to learn how to achieve balance in my training, and it's a great feeling.

16 Ways to Work Harder and Burn Stored Body Fat

Here's a hint: think shorter and high effort, as opposed to longer and less effort

3 Steps to Improving Your Child's Eating Habits

The best way to improve a child's diet is to take it slow and make it fun. Here are three steps to get you started.

Ladera Granola (Product Review)

Granola lovers, pay attention! Ladera is the next best thing to homemade granola. In fact, it might be as good, if not better.

Bench Press Tips (Athlete Journal 88)

This week I found a way to work around my cranky shoulder during the bench press.

Fearless: Freerunning Roof Gaps (Friday Flicks)

The fearlessness of these athletes is one thing. Their precision is something else entirely.

In-Season Strength Training for Cyclists: Keeping What You’ve Gained

The cessation of strength training can result in losing the hard-fought gains in strength and power obtained during the offseason.

Coming to Terms With Being an Aging Athlete

Your joints are achier, muscles tighter, and injuries more frequent. The thought creeps into your mind, "It's not that I can't, but should I?"