Muay Thai Workout: Training for the Art of 8 Limbs

As both a strength coach and muay Thai practitioner, I can tell you that having a solid base of strength in place can result in knockouts in the ring.

4 Progressions for the Hanging Leg Raise (Video)

As well as building you up to the full movement, these progressions are strength builders in their own right.

Proven Strategies for Getting Stronger

Every approach is simple to implement, but could make the difference in reaching your next personal record - or reaching the bottom of your pistol squat.

Women's Self-Defense Seminar (Athlete Journal 38)

Last week I held a women's self defense seminar, and it went so well I plan to do another one soon.

The 3 Levels of Athlete Ability (and How to Coach Them)

Which category are you? Which category are your clients? Consider these facts and plan all training accordingly.

Working Out Isn't Enough: Advice for Desk Workers

You might exercise every day, but if you work long hours at a desk you have a lot of sitting to undo. Here's how to overcome this common challenge.

Fuel For Fire Fuel Packs (Product Review)

In my never-ending search for convenient, high-quality, nutritious snack foods for athletes, this product was a gold mine.

Weekly Training in Preparation for Worlds (Athlete Journal 95)

I'm eighteen weeks out from the AAU Powerlifting World Championships. Here's my training plan.

2010 FIFA World Cup Goals of the Tournament (Video)

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is in full flow, here are some highlights from 2010.

"The Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia" (Book Review)

This book contains over 700 exercises meant to help you enhance your fitness and have fun doing it.

Homemade Energy Bars (Recipe)

These bars contain fiber to moderate energy release, fats for longer-term energy provision, and protein.

"Obstacle Race Training" (Book Review)

Want to try an obstacle race or mud run, but have no idea where to start? Margaret Schlacter's new book is a must-have for you.

Caffeine or Carbs: Which Is Better for Sprinting?

Caffeine and carbs are both popular pre-workout aids. What happens if you put them together?

BattleSuit Runner Fitness (Tech Review)

Love adventures, but not a zombie fan? How about aliens and cool space suits? There's an app for that!

3 Minute Meditation to Increase Heart Rate Awareness and Control

There is something you can do every day to start honing your ability to control your own heart rate and HRV.

How to Deal With Out-of-Control Sports Parents

Here's how to identify and prevent the toxic parenting trends observed at so many kids' sports events.

Compensatory Acceleration Training: Speed Up Your Strength Gains

Want to use the same training method that works for Andy Bolton and Dr. Fred Hatfield?

The Weightlifting Mistake You Didn't Know You Make

Many lifters pull the bar upward unevenly. This is not ideal. In weightlifting, symmetry is everything.

4 Mistakes Coaches Make on the Internet

Are you making these mistakes? It could be costing you clients and your reputation.

More Power, Faster: Benefits and Limits of Concentric Training

A new study revealed some interesting connections between concentric lifts and peak power development.