Is Stability Training Dumb?

Years ago I was lured into "corrective exercise" and "functional training" by a back injury. I can tell you what I learned from that experience - and what I do now (and it's not standing on a Bosu).

Free Triathlon Workout Program: Join Us in Training for a Sprint Triathlon

Join us on this easy-to-follow plan as we get you started toward successfully completing your very first sprint-length triathlon.

The PAP Effect: Does It Apply to Sprinting?

Plenty of studies have shown the PAP effect in regards to weight training. A new study asks whether it also improves sprinting performance.

Video: Ben Musholt - 4 Dynamic Plank Variations

In this video, Ben demonstrates four dynamic core stability exercises from the plank family - plank splits, side planks, plank side crunches, and side plank leg swings.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 92

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: the CrossFit process, missing links in your training, pistol squats, and more!

How to Build a Foundation for Athletic Success

I always tell my students, “You will always revert to the most basic when put under pressure.” But if your basic foundation is strong as hell, then no matter comes at you, you’ll keep kicking ass.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 15 - 2/11/2014

2014 is off to a good start! I’ve been enjoying my time off from school, my gym is getting a lot of new students who are eager to learn, and I’ve been getting a ton of great training.

The 8 Most Hated Exercises

I recently conducted a poll to find out which exercises you hate but know are good for you. Here are the top eight exercises, based on 76 responses and listed from least to most reviled.

10 Top 10 Lists of 2013 (Plus Editor's Top 10 Picks)

At the turn of the year, it's nice to sit back and take a look at the top articles of the year gone by. Here they are along with an overall Breaking Muscle top 10 and "Editors Picks."

Product Review: ProBar Bolt Fruit Chews

ProBar Bolt fruit chews provide a delicious, energy-boosting, organic pre-workout snack in four different flavors.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 72 - Kettlebell Snatch Personal Record

This week I set a new 5-minute snatch PR. My job now is to gradually increase both quantitative and qualitative measures of progress from week to week.

Friday Flicks: Wheelchair Freestyle on the Ramps

We're willing to bet you've not seen anything like this video before. Watch Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham take to the ramps in his customized wheelchair.

Book Review: "Gluten Is My Bitch" by April Peveteaux

If you're new to a gluten-free way of living, "Gluten Is My Bitch" is just for you, and you may want to have your friends and family members read it as well.

Starting Out at 40: A Plan for Greater Health and Fitness

If you’re starting on your fitness journey later in life this is for you. What I hope to provide in this series is a logical plan to get you safely on the path towards greater health and fitness.

Why Successful People Don't Set Goals and You Shouldn't Either

It's popular to push the setting of goals, but what if setting goals could actually be a negative thing? And is it something that successful people actually even do? Evidence shows otherwise.

Sprinting With a Weighted Vest: Help or Hindrance?

The weight vest is frequently used as a progression tool. A new study asks whether using a weight vest can improve sprint times.

Athlete Journal: Alli Moyer, Entry 10 - 1/9/2014

I celebrated Christmas with the 12 Days of Christmas WOD and rang in the New Year with a solid nine hours of sleep and 10lb clean PR. People might think I'm weird, but I've learned that's okay.

Video: Hip-Opening Yoga for People Who Sit, Run, or Bike

This hip-opener flow is absolutely one of my favorite sequences. It releases tension in the hip flexors, outer hips, and glutes, and is great for everyBODY.

What Strongman Training Can Teach Weightlifters and Workers

How does functional training affect us outside the gym, particularly at work? We might learn a few of the strongmen’s tricks that will make an industrial labor job a bit easier.

Are Handstands Good For You? A Yoga Teacher's Perspective

As a yoga teacher, the upside of the handstand craze is it draws hundreds of new yogis to the practice. The downside is an overemphasis on strength in just a few parts of the body.

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