Everything to Know About Ultra-Marathons

Considering trying your first ultra? Here's what to expect and how to adjust your training for success.

Discounts Are Killing the Fitness Industry

If you are a real expert, you value your time, your investments, your results, and your impact.

Valerie Worthington: On BJJ and Life, Ep 1

In this inaugural episode of our radio show, we discuss BJJ, the learning process, taking risks, and living your passions.

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Science Investigates Optimal Loads for Sled Pulls

A new study investigated the different between heavier and lighter sled pulls.

Training With Elbow and Wrist Pain (Athlete Journal 31)

Pain and discomfort made my training difficult this week, but I managed to work around it.

Bio Skin Compression Shorts (Product Review)

These compression shorts are ideal for athletes who want to accelerate their recovery time. And who doesn't?

Why I Love the Medicine Ball and You Should, Too

The med ball has been around for thousands of years. So why doesn’t it get the attention and respect other training tools do?

Listen to Your Body for Fewer Injuries and Greater Progress

Training in an intuitive manner is the reason people can create great results from their workouts.

11 Sneaky Ways to Move Every Day

These suggestions are not in place of a regular workout. They are for when exercise just isn’t a priority.

Beta-Alanine Improves Tactical Skills in Special Forces Operators

In a new study, beta-alanine increased jumping height, shooting accuracy, and sprint performance in soldiers.

My 4-Week Paleo Fitness and Primal Play Program

We thrive on a broad repertoire of activity and intensity - plus an element of fun! I believe our training should reflect this.

3 Simple Tools for Overcoming First Fight Jitters

I never had anyone explain to me how to handle first-fight jitters. I really wish someone had, as it was a rather steep learning curve.

6 Best Bodyweight Ab Exercises (Video)

This time, Al Kavadlo demonstrates six of his favorite bodyweight exercises for the core.

The Secret to Success Is the Numbers

Anyone interested in performance is interested in numbers. But here are some you might not be aware of - both in terms of your training and your gym business.

Refusing to Tap - On the Mat and in Life (Athlete Journal 36)

The break from school has given me the chance to re-focus and find direction in my training and my life.

4 Promising Studies on the Benefits of Vibration Training

Does vibration training have merits relative to injury rehab, movement, or anything else?

Strength Training Is Good for Kids - Here's How To Do It

The idea of kids lifting weights makes a lot of people nervous, but when done right, it's effective and safe.

"DVRT: The Ultimate Sandbag Training System" (Book Review)

Josh Henkin's book is a complete guide to sandbag training for beginner to advanced levels.

5 Tips for Learning New Skills (Athlete Journal 93)

This week I've been thinking a lot about the learning process and how it relates to complex movements.