How to Take Our Goals From Dreams to Reality

Success in the gym is a little like grade school, we have to take it one level at a time or be overwhelmed by the enormity of our goal. Plus, we have to really, really want it.

High Protein Diets Result in Better Cholesterol Scores

Science takes a look at two different diets - one low-protein and one high-protein - and discovered the high-protein diet created better blood sugar control and improved cholesterol.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 48 - Tips For Improving Your Grip

This week my journal includes my training summary, plus two videos - one training video and a second with some tips on how to improve your grip.

"What's Your Specialty?" How NOT To Find a Niche in the Fitness Industry

You've probably heard finding a niche is a good business move, but there's a good and a bad way to do it. Here are five things to avoid while exploring a new specialty.

8-Week Pre-Competition Training Template for Young Athletes

This eight-week plan outlines how to take build your youth athletes up to competition season or an upcoming event. Workout frequency, intensity, and exercise variety are all addressed.

Product Review: The Rotater for Shoulder Rehab and Prehab

The Rotater is an awesome product for shoulder stretching or strengthening for rehab. It works best for internal and external rotation. Something many of us are lacking.

The Tabata Revolution Explained: What, Why, and How to Tabata

You hear a lot about Tabata intervals. It is an efficient and intense way to exercise aerobically and anaerobically. Do you know where this exercise protocol originated?

Mental Strategies from Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Researchers questioned over 100 experienced strength and conditioning coaches to find out what mental strategies they employed with their athletes. Are you using these techniques?

12 Reps with Hannah Caldas, Swimmer and Scientist

She's an elite swimmer, a hardcore CrossFit athlete, and a professor of neurosurgery. Yes, that's right. Read her answers to the 12 Reps to learn more about this amazing athlete-scientist.

Women and Group Exercise: Theories From a Male Instructor

I have never understood why group exercise is dominated by women participants. I have a few theories on why this is, in regards to dancing, ability to listen, and community.

Free Workouts for Pregnant Moms: Designed Specially for Each Trimester

Are you an expecting or brand-new mom trying to stay fit and healthy? We've got workouts designed specifically for you and your unique needs, through your pregnancy and after.

The Wrong Sunscreen Can Increase Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know

We need sunscreen, right? Yes! But, there are some serious drawbacks to some of the traditional, chemical-packed stuff, including increased cancer risk. Here's what to look for instead.

5 Tips for a Stronger Deadlift

I've pulled 1,008lbs in competition. Want to know how you can lift heavier, too? Here are my top five tips for better deadlifting, no matter what kind of athlete you are.

Football Players More Explosive Than 10 Years Ago

Researchers took a look at results from the famed NFL combine. They examined trends in test results, and the changes in players performances were surprising.

Two-Jointed Muscles of the Arms: How to Train Them

A two-jointed muscle involves multiple joints and certain considerations should be taken in training. Let's look at two-jointed arm muscles.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 55

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: Olympic lifting tips, kids nutrition, cortisol, vegan bulletproof coffee, & more!

The BJJ "Beatdown" - When and How to Smash a Newbie

It occurs when an upper belt “handles” a spazzy newbie, tapping the person repeatedly, imposing control, and otherwise demonstrating to the grappler that s/he is not all that.

Athlete Journal: Julie Warren, Entry 16 - Holding Myself Captive

It hit me this week that the Great Wall marathon is only four weeks away. After I splurged and ate a chocolate bar, I got to thinking and realized maybe I need to adjust some of my own expectations.

Kettlebells, Ironman, and Bruce Lee: 10 Articles By Andrew Read

These 10 articles cover everything from kettlebells, to martial arts, to Ironman, but they're all written by the same person: endurance athlete, Senior RKC, and trainer Andrew Read.

Product Review: Gorilla Wraps

Gorilla Wraps are wrist wraps designed to help stabilize the wrist for weight lifting. They were designed with CrossFit in mind, so they are adjustable to fit the variety in your workouts.

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