5 Ways Triathlon Can Increase Your Productivity

Endurance sports take a lot of training time, but there are things we learn that can benefit other areas of our lives.

Why to Include Weightlifting in Your Warm Ups

Don't ignore the lifts because you aren't able to reap the benefits right now. Use your warm up as a place to perfect your technique.

Facebook: Does It Help or Hurt Your CrossFit Games Open Performance?

Everyone is a coach, everyone is a strategist, but frankly, your game is your game.

HIT or Myth? The Truths and Fallacies of High Intensity

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Movement, Mobility and CrossFit: A Yoga Teacher's Perspective

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180 Free Bodyweight Workouts!

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Lems Shoes (Product Review)

I've tried a lot of minimalist shoes, and this pair from Lems is easily my favorite.

How to Save Your Runner’s High From Becoming a Runner’s Low

Because most runners can’t imagine not being able to run, they tend to ignore the warning signs of impending injury.

Breaking Down the Headstand or Handstand Push Up, Part 2: Building the Push

Here's how you can build up the strength to do strict HSPUs in your workouts.

3 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Any Stronger

If you have poor body awareness, poor movement patterns, or inhibited muscles, a plateau in strength is coming your way.

Fatigue Impairs Jump Performance in Elite and Recreational Athletes

A new study suggests jumping and fatigue don't mix, and may even increase the risk of injury.

Mobility Work Will Reward You (Athlete Journal Entry 23)

Most of this week was spent working on mobility and trying to alleviate aches and pains, but it was worth it.

Meta Programs: How to Adjust Your Thinking for Better Results

When you identify the things that drive your behavior, you can find the aspects that hold you back.

The Max Effort Black Box Program for the Family Man (or Woman)

While I’ve had success helping aspiring athletes, I derive the greatest pleasure from helping the family man or woman.

The 10 Commandments of Fitness and Wellness

I’m no Moses, but I’ve experienced enough in my years of fitness to establish my own guiding rules when it comes to health and exercise.

How to Not Rip Your Hands (and How to Fix Them if It's Too Late)

Whether it is kettlebells, CrossFit, weightlifting, or any number of other activities, your hands take a serious beating.

What's Underneath: Our Inner Desire to be Overcomers

Moving well enables you to embrace, conquer, and overcome life. It allows you to be capable. You were made to move.

Does Electrical Stimulation Work for Recovery?

In a recent study, electrical muscle stimulation was shown to be just as effective as other recovery methods.

“Paleo Magazine Readers’ Favorites Cookbook” (Book Review)

Like any good anthology, this book provides a wide range of recipes, stories, and new perspectives.