Use the FMS to Assess Mobility, Not Performance

A new study on rugby players confirmed that the functional movement screen is best used to gauge mobility and flexibility, as opposed to athletic performance.

Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 8 - 2/26/2014

This was by far the best training week I’ve had this year, and it feels like my Brazilian jiu jitsu and weightlifting are coming together.

Recipe: Ariel’s Artichoke Dip

Although it’s definitely not the same, this simple, delicious, and totally healthy artichoke dip is more than satisfying without any of the gut-busting ingredients of the old standard.

The 3 Most Valuable Lessons a Young Athlete Can Learn From the Olympics

For young athletes, the Olympic Games can represent their future hopes and dreams. It can also be a source of valuable lessons in sportsmanship, spirit, and achievement.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Bent Arm Press to Handstand, Vol 2: Tuck Up With Plate

In this second episode of Dusty Hyland's Virtuosity series, Dusty covers how to move from your tuck-sit or L-sit position to a tuck up position.

What You Need to Know About Buying Running Shoes

While it may seem overly technical, I can verify that knowing what sort of foot you have and a few details about shoe design will make buying shoes incredibly easy.

What Makes a CrossFit Box a Home?

Last weekend. I had the opportunity to put on a seminar in Texas. While I was there, I rediscovered why I fell in love with CrossFit to begin with.

Squats and Hip Dysfunction: 2 Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Struggling with your squat form? We’re going to take a look at the two most common dysfunctions at the hip, how they affect your squat, and what you can do to fix them.

More Fatigue Does Not Make More Muscle

You've probably heard it said that fatiguing your muscles helps them grow by recruiting more muscle fibers. A new study questioned this concept, with interesting results.

Video: Interview With Ana Forrest - Yoga for Strength Athletes

Today I discuss the benefits of yoga for strength athletes with Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest yoga. Learn how yoga can make your muscles smart, not just strong and stupid.

6 Sports for Kids Who Aren't "Sporty"

We all know how beneficial sports are for kids. But what if your child isn't interested in the usual sports fare? Here are six options for six different personalities.

Weightlifting and Figure Skating: An Odd Fit? Or Are All Olympians Doing It?

Back in 1980, my weightlifting athletes at the Olympic Training Center informed me that Randy Gardner, pairs figure skating champion was executing clean and jerks in the 200lb range.

How Living, Working, and Training in the Wild Made Me Evolve

I believe we were all born wild and wildness is still a part of who we are. I also believe outdoor exercise can be a means to reconnect to the innate wildness in all of us.

Why Distance Coaching Doesn't Work for Olympic Weightlifting

I don't believe that weightlifting coaching for competition can be done properly online no matter how developed the quality of the medium. Here's why.

Training the Core: 4 Exercises That Take It To The Next Level

Instead of relying on crunches and other popular core routines, I’d like to introduce a few exercises that’ll not only get you ripped, but also increase performance and functionality.

Kids Who Lift Weights Are Better at Soccer

Youth soccer is firmly entrenched in American culture, whereas strength training is a bit controversial. A new study shows lifting weights makes kids better soccer players.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 18 - 2/24/2014

My work schedule is getting heavy, so I have to pick and choose my workout scheme carefully to make sure I maintain quality.

4 Questions to Ask Before Taking on a New Client

Today I'll discuss a few good reasons to pre-qualify clients and also give you some concrete steps to go about it.

Go Run Up a Wall! How to Do a Parkour Wall Run

Parkour athletes routinely scale overhead walls with speed and ease. The technique for getting on top of an overhead wall is known as a wall run, and can be learned through a few basic steps.

The 5 Phases Every BJJ Newbie Has to Go Through

As a coach I've observed some common trends in my beginner students. Here are the five phases most new BJJ practitioners go through.