No Sex Before Competition? The Medicine Behind the Myth

When I was an MMA fighter I had to sit my wife down and tell her I would be abstaining from our regular “adult time” activities for the month and half prior to my fight. This did not go over well.

How Timing and Temperature Affect Your Warm Up

In a recent study, researchers asked how cold temperatures and long pauses between your warmup and workout affect performance.

Book Review: "Paleo Happy Hour" by Kelly Milton

As a foodie and a mostly-paleo eater, I love that the world of paleo cookbooks is expanding. So I was happy to see the newest addition: "Paleo Happy Hour," by Kelly Milton.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 83

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: "tough love" coaching, CrossFit competitions, Olympic weightlifting, and more!

Video: Counter-Tactics in Muay Thai: 3 Counters to the Hook

We've gone over counters to the cross and the jab. This week we go into detail on three different counters to the hook.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 5 - 11/2/2013

This week I had a training seminar with Phil Migliarese of Balance Studies in Philadelphia. It was a great experience and I learned a lot of new moves to bring to the mat.

Do Similar Exercises and Drills Transfer to Specific Sport Skills?

Can similar exercises and drills can transfer to specific sport skills and be effective? Or is the time better spent on exact replication of skills plus general strength?

6 Articles to Shine a Light on Vitamin D

Why is vitamin D important and where do we get it from? Here are six articles to enlighten you about this incredible vitamin.

Product Review: Neogenis BeetElite NeoShot

Neogenis BeetElite NeoShot uses the power of beets to boost NO levels. If you don't get a lot of leafy greens and beets in your diet, this one's for you.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 64 - Mobility Work

I’m making gradual progress week by week, although I’m not feeling especially strong lately. I’ve also been pondering the idea of including a bit of mobility work in my training.

Friday Flicks: Incredible Street Workout Strength Demonstration in Russia

This week's video is proof that you don't need a fancy gym (or, in fact, any gym at all) to be able to work out at the highest level.

Creating and Maintaining a Daily Regimen for Increased Performance

It is definitely to the benefit of those serious about pursuing a career as an athlete to develop some sort of daily schedule to minimize disruptions.

Why You Need Phytonutrients and the 4 Best Places to Get Them

It's important we eat enough fruits and veggies. Here are the reasons why, and here are some of the best (and tastiest!) ways to get them in every day.

Run Further, But Hurt Less? Reduced Muscle Damage Seen in Ultramarathons

Surprising research shows longer races might be safer and less damaging to athletes.

Who Cares About Your Snatch?

While you're spending years perfecting your snatch, I'm busy getting fit and having fun. Drop the high-level stuff and actually get in shape.

What Motivates CrossFitters?

Burpees, wall balls, double unders, handstand push ups - what makes CrossFitters do what they do? A new study takes a look at what motivates the CrossFit athlete.

Featured Photographer: Karl Buchholtz - Swimming and CrossFit

Karl Buchholtz is inspired by the grace of swimming and the grunge of CrossFit. Capturing these dynamics on camera is his talent, as you can see in this gallery of images.

But What Do They Mean? An Analysis of Weightlifting World Records

Here is an analysis of the current world records across all age categories. I wanted to see how consistent percentages of snatch to clean and jerk were across weight and sex categories.

Mobility and Movement, Session 3: Mobility Drills for the Overhead Position

This week's session focused on overhead mobility, which I find is one of the toughest positions for strength athletes to achieve.

Horton FAIL, Waxman SMASH: How Sean Waxman Helped Me See the Light

A few years ago I made a big mistake. I got a lot of attention, but at a big expense. And it was the Incredible Hulk Sean Waxman who helped set me straight.

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