Book Review: The Affiliate Yearbook

Information is one of the best tools for growing your business. If you own a CrossFit affiliate or want to open one, "The Affiliate Yearbook" is an invaluable resource for growing your business.

#Real Knowledge Twitter Chat Highlights: Erwan Le Corre

Earlier this week we were honored to have MovNat founder Erwan LeCorre join us for our #RealKnowledge Twitter chat. Here are some highlights from the discussion in case you missed it!

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 53 - Sore But Not Sorry

I'm more sore than I've been in awhile, but overall it was a gratifying week, with an easy 355lb low bar squat, a 475lb pull after a ton of squats, and lots of hard upper-body work.

Friday Flicks: Giants Live British Open Strongman Championships

This weekend's Giants Live British Open Championships marks the final chance for qualification into World's Strongest Man. Here is an adrenaline-fueled clip of these powerful strongmen in action.

An Athlete’s Guide to Hydration: When, What, and How Much

We know hydration is important and can directly affect our performance, but here's what you need to know about exactly how much to drink and when to keep you going at your best.

3 Key Yoga Poses for Better Overhead Squats

Teaching at a CrossFit gym, I've become familiar with the mobility challenges of overhead squats. These poses will target the muscles and connective tissues that must be mobile to do this lift.

Barefoot Running Shoes and Choosing the Right Shoe for You

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, "What kind of shoes do I need for running?” Here is my advice, based on my experience and the simple math behind the physics of running.

Strength Training for Runners...Doesn't Work?

More and more runners are embracing strength training, but is it really effective? A recent study questions its effectiveness, but we have our own doubts about the study design.

Tech Review: Instant Heart Rate App by Azumio

Considering a heart rate monitor to see how fast that big old muscle is really beating? The instant heart rate app by Azumio is a great tool for tracking heart rate throughout your day.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 21 - My Experience at the 2013 CrossFit Games

When it was first announced that the Masters events were going to be moved to mid-week, we felt like it was yet another slap in the face to the Masters population. And boy, were we wrong.

The Female Form: Embrace Your Genetics and Find Beauty in Being Unique

On average, most women will have about thirteen negative thoughts about their appearance per day. I know it can be difficult to stop the negative self talk, but it's time to embrace yourself.

5 Exercises You Are Not Doing That Could Improve Your CrossFit

While any well-developed CrossFit program does cover a lot of ground, there are a few exercises I feel that CF folks would benefit from that I very rarely see these in a CrossFit program.

6 Tips for Getting Stronger While Staying Free From Injury

How do you make continual strength increases while staying free from injury? Here is my advice to you on how get stronger and progress faster, while lessening your chances of injury along the way.

Mobility Work Reduces Risk of Injury for Fighters

MMA is a young sport, which means there's not much research out there to help fighters train safely and effectively. New research supports the importance of a mobility program for combat athletes.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Snatch Deadlift

The snatch deadlift helps to develop the muscles that are used in pulling the weight off the floor during the snatch.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 61 - Just For Fun

Sometimes people take themselves too seriously with their lifting. Why? Because it's fun. This week I decided to hit a PR on bottoms up kettlebell presses - for no good reason except I wanted to.

How to Train BJJ or MMA and Still Look Good in Everyday Life

When I walk out of BJJ, I don’t want to look as though I’ve just been in a fight. Many of us have professional jobs, so here's my advice on how to put yourself back together after training.

4 Steps to Achieve a Fast Fat Revolution

It’s not called the fast fat revolution for nothing. A combination of fasting, food quality, carb reduction, and reduction of stress can help you burn fat and set yourself up to build muscle.

Psychology in the Weightlifting Arena (Part 1 of a Series)

I have always thought that you lift as you live (and think). In the weeks to come I will put that into the context of your progress through not only your sports but perhaps of life itself.

The 6 Steps to Building Mental Toughness (or How to Stop Being a Pussy)

The best way to develop toughness is to realize it’s not an overnight process. Learning to embrace the suck when everything in your body is screaming to slow down is not a quick skill to learn.

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