The Best Tools to Track Your Cycling Progress

One of the most important things that I have discovered as both an amateur athlete and a coach is the value of tracking progress.

Being Sick Sucks: A Gameplan for Getting Back on the Bike Quickly

Carrying on as normal is likely to extend recovery times and may even make you worse. Here's how to get yourself back on track.

Train the Brain to Improve Performance on the Bike

There is an incredible amount of brain activity each time you move that determines how effective you are and impacts your cycling performance.

Adjust Your Alignment to Develop World-Class Cornering Skills

Going downhill quickly and safely requires good balance and cycle-handling skills that can be practiced and honed to improve.

Cyclists: How to Combine Races and Training for a Successful Summer

Let’s look at your goals, your schedule, and how you can arrange your training to have both fun and progress this season.

How Your Recovery Relates Directly to Your Performance

Want to get stronger, perform better, and increase your power? The answer lies in your recovery.

Mixing Resistance and Endurance Training Leads to Better Results

Since performance is related to how much power you can deliver, the development of force and speed is a good idea.

In-Season Strength Training for Cyclists: Keeping What You’ve Gained

The cessation of strength training can result in losing the hard-fought gains in strength and power obtained during the offseason.

How to Warm Up Properly for Your Cycling Event

A good warm up will enable your body to get to its working heart rate quicker. Starting from cold means your body has to work anaerobically for longer.

PAP Can Shave Time Off Cyclist Race Times

In a new study, doing leg presses before a 20km trial cut cyclist times significantly.

Small Saddle Adjustments for Cyclists Make a Big Difference

Just a half-inch difference in saddle height can significantly impact performance.

The Importance of Cooling Down After a Race or Workout

The benefit to you will be improved recovery. One of the worst things you can do is to stand still.

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