Author: Simon Kidd

Simon Kidd is a qualified cycling coach, personal trainer, and sports massage therapist. But, it hasn’t always been that way. Starting with a career in electronic engineering, software design, IT, and program management, Simon decided around the age of forty that something had to be done about the expanding waistline and general lack of fitness. That decision led to a journey through free diving and finswimming initially. Having found a rather late aptitude for some sports, Simon trained under the direction of coaches in England and Russia (along with personal research into sports training and programming) to compete in the first Commonwealth Finswimming Championships. Coming away with some medals convinced him that given the right conditions, training programs, and guidance there should be no barrier to people fulfilling their fitness goals and performing well in sports whatever their backgrounds. Following a swimming pool accident, Simon took up cycling, restoring his old cycle that had remained dormant in the shed for many years, and again began to train and compete in local events. Wishing to take this further he then qualified as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist, and cycling coach. Using these skills, along with a 'project management approach,’ Simon has helped many local club cyclists and aspiring national competitors work towards their goals.

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