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6 Life-Changing Ways Your Black Belt Journey Can Transform You

Your black belt does not turn you into a Zen-spouting superhero, but the process is transformative and rewarding.

The 6 Most Important Things Martial Arts Taught Me About Life

Next to my family and my faith, I have learned more about life from the martial arts than through any other endeavor.

The 5 Most Effective Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Muay Thai

If you practice martial arts, then you need to strength train in order to maximize your performance. Here are the top five bang-for-your-buck exercises for fighters.

Rehydration After Weight Cutting: Water Doesn't Cut It

Cutting weight to get into a lower weight class often results in dehydration. A new study asks whether drinking a liter of water can help rehydrate athletes.

4 Training Tips From the Godhand - Mas Oyama

Mas Oyama was a true modern warrior, but he didn't begin as one. Here are four tips taken from his life that can help you to become a powerhouse in your own training.

HRV an Important Variable for Combat Athletes

Heart rate variability, or HRV, is becoming more common in sports, and for good reason. A recent study found it is particularly helpful for combat athletes.

Judo Training for Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort

What is the best balance between technical training and conditioning? To what extent do judo-specific exercises also develop fitness? What rest and recovery requirements does judo training impose?

Why Fighting Is Like Chess, and Both Are Like Life

There a reason fighting is compared to chess. It takes real smarts to succeed - street smarts, book smarts, and self-awareness. And both are a lot like life.

Aikido in Brief: A Short Introduction to a Large Art

I’m currently preparing for my third-degree black belt in aikido. A lot of people might not know what aikido is or what makes it different. This article is an attempt to answer that question.

Judo and Life: From Beginners to Elites With AnnMaria De Mars and Kayla Harrison

Ann Maria De Mars is a world-class judo champion, but she prefers to talk about her middle school students. Hear what both De Mars and her Olympic gold medal winning student Kayla say about judo.

Top 10 Martial Arts Articles of 2012

Martial arts were another popular topic over the last year. Here are our top ten martial arts articles from 2012, written by coaches and athletes from a variety of disciplines.

Core Training for Serious Judo Players

Core strength is important for the transfer of power from one part of the body to another - especially important in a sport like judo. Here's a program I recommend for building core strength for judo.

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