Olympic Weightlifting

The Surprising New Sport of Brazil

You think the only Brazilian sports worth mentioning are fútbol or beach volleyball? Jorge Califrer is pioneering the sport of weightlifting in Brazil.

Why It's Not All About the Weight You Are Lifting

Weight is important. But speed of movement is an informative index to evaluate efficacy of training.

What to Do (and Not Do) on Competition Day

Complacency and lack of consideration of all aspects of competition can cost you many kilos on your total.

The Weightlifting Mistake You Didn't Know You Make

Many lifters pull the bar upward unevenly. This is not ideal. In weightlifting, symmetry is everything.

How Often Should You Compete in Weightlifting?

Weightlifting does not really have a competitive season. So the question arises for newcomers: "How often should we compete?"

2 Effective Methods of Getting Your Lifts Off the Ground

Is the consistency of the "get set" method better? Or the risk and reward of the "dive" method?

Weightlifting for Kids: How to Attain Crucial Parental Buy-In

We must make sure the sport is appealing and safe for the child - and matches the parent’s expectations.

What Makes a Great Weightlifting Gym?

Great bars and bumpers are a given. But what other factors should be considered when opening your own weightlifting gym?

A Brief History of Humor in Weightlifting

Recently, I came across a joke specific to our sport that will get a nervous laugh, especially for those of masters age.

The Problem of Power, Money, and Integrity in Weightlifting

Every so often we get somebody drifting into our sport who thinks he is going to get rich.

The Pan-American Youth Weightlifting Championships and the Wonder of Youth Itself

Looking back from my current stage of life, much has now changed for youth weightlifters.

Music and Weightlifting Don't Mix (Or Do They?)

Like the music itself, this is highly subject to the tastes of its listeners. If it helps, use it. If it doesn't, don't.

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