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At some point, we all must reflect and make the choice to age gracefully, not foolishly.
Despite Olympic success, America's youth are surprisingly unfit compared with other countries.
Instantly perform better by changing your mindset.
Beyond the numbers and percentages in training, how is your brain adopting and improving your skills?
When it comes to the bike leg, the devil's in the details.
Imagine where you could be if eliminated one excuse per week for one year straight.
Are you doing things just to do them, or are they getting you closer to where you want to be?
Footwear that focuses on style and marketing isn't helping your foot function as designed.
Coaches working with youth athletes need to keep them injury-free and constantly improving.
Getting injured at some point is unavoidable, but there are strategies that will improve your odds of staying healthier, longer.
If we all know the things we're supposed to do, what stops us from doing them?
Training for a figure competition can be a maze of unhealthy behaviors, but I'm trying a different plan.
Establishing a solid workout regime does not need to be tricky, just as healthy eating habits do not need to be complicated.
Tapping into the source of your mindset requires more than motivational quotes.
The answer to progress-sapping struggles is what old sports coaches used to call “heart.”
It is time that you, the athlete, get a dose of reality so you can prevent a major injury.
The best gift you can give any athlete is a solid foundation.
Make strong look simple and enhance your quality of life.