Breaking Muscle eBooks


Implants can affect the body's physiological systems in unexpected, negative ways.
Kettlebell snatches are good for a lot more than conditioning, but there's more to them than "a swing that ends up overhead."
Learn how to manage the fat-loss setbacks that are inherent to women.
An athlete is going to look like whatever she is.
The lessons kids learn on the field prepare them for life.
There's a whole world of strength and fitness out there that women are just beginning to explore.
Learn how to breath deeply for health, meditation, and exercise.
The power of your goals should never be diminished by other people's standards.
Build your foundation to ensure that your body can handle the stress of the muscle up.
With the growing mentality that “strong is sexy,” more women are venturing to the weight room.
Rock these jams to get pumped in the gym.
If we're not careful, the skill of developing well-crafted speed, agility, and change of direction programmes is going to become a lost art.
Staying healthy and fit while pregnant can have a profound effect on the health and athletic potential of your baby.
Understanding HSP's cellular role in the hypertrophy process could lead to your biggest gains yet.
Use these drills to improve your movement pattern and increase your athletic performance.
Invest in your health at the office to be a more productive and creative member of your team.
Don't let swimming be a stumbling block for signing up for your first triathlon.
If the fire is gone from your training, make these changes to get it back.