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Olympic Weightlifting

If you've caught the weightlifting bug, here's all you need to know to get started.
Thoughts on my experience officiating at both the American and Canadian Weightlifting Olympic Trials.
Bewildered and discouraged at your start in weightlifting? Here are some ways to improve like a pro, even if you're brand new.
Your preparation going into your next meet is as essential to your success as strength.
Think twice before calling someone a "dumb jock."
Use these six exercises to build a bulletproof upper back.
Excellence in weightlifting is not permanent. Neither is mediocrity.
Deconstruct your lift during the warm up to develop precision and speed.
Timing and technique can make all the difference between nailing it and bailing out.
A newbie might expect to see blinding speed and perfect technique at Worlds. But that is not always the case.
Most of the time, we’re physically able to shift the metal. We fail because we psych ourselves out.
What you do in the days leading up to competition is crucial for hitting your biggest lifts on the day.
When it comes to modes of lifting, our differences are not as significant as our similarities.
These warm-up exercises will help you address the most common limitations and technical faults in today's lifters.
It's a shame to see a lifter pull a huge weight but not quite make the lockout. Here are some of the causes and solutions.
One thing that stood out at the 2015 Pan American Games was the wide grip jerks employed by quite a number of successful competitors.
The Pan American Games are essentially the Olympics of the Western Hemisphere. Here's what happened on the podium in 2015.
Here's a look at where Olympic weightlifting has been and where it is going - from the perspectiveof an old-timer.