Strength & Conditioning: Nia Shanks, Week 3, Day 3

Nia Shanks


Paducah, Kentucky, United States

Women's Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

These workouts are designed by strength coach and author Nia Shanks. The workouts are posted three days a week and will help you get strong and learn how to really 'lift like a girl.' Learn more about Nia and her approach to training here.


Strength & Conditioning Workouts - Nia Shanks



For the next four weeks you’ll perform a total of three workouts per week on non-consecutive days. Don’t forget how to Lift Like a Girl. Focus entirely on your performance when you’re at the gym. Follow the provided guidelines for improving your performance each week.


Week 3, Day 3


1. Rack Pull (2-3 inches below the knee): 5x5 (Same weight as Week 2)


2A. Close Grip Push Up: 5x5 (Same weight as Week 2)

2B. Inverted Row: 5x5 (Same weight as Week 2)


3A. Walking Dumbbell Lunge (Substitute reverse lunge if you have achy knees): 4x10 (Same weight as Week 2)

3B. Dumbbell Curl: 4x10 (Same weight as Week 2)

3C. Ab Wheel Rollout: 4x10



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