10 Articles to Help You Go the Distance

Whether you’re a seasoned endurance athlete or an absolute beginner, these articles and workouts are sure to provide all the information and inspiration you need to go the distance!

We have some amazing resources for endurance athletes here at Breaking Muscle. Our writers and featured coaches have a wealth of information and inspiration to share about running, cycling, and other endurance sports. Whether you’re an experienced endurance athlete or an absolute beginner getting ready for your first marathon, these articles and workouts are sure to help you go the distance!

Athlete Journal: Endurance Sports (Julie Warren)
Julie Warren is a seasoned marathon runner and is currently training for Ironman Canada 2012. Her weekly Athlete Journal entries have some great insights on staying motivated, getting started in endurance sports, and why she does what she does.

The What the Hell Effect: How I Trained in 3 Months for a 7 Day, 1000km Ride (Andrew Read)
After not cycling in 4 years, I decided to sign up for a 1,000km ride with only 3 months to train. I made some mistakes and learned a lot. There were good days and bad. But overall, it was amazing.

Racing (to Pay) Forward – An Interview With Kellie Smirnoff, Endurance Athlete (Danette “Dizzle” Rivera)
I had a chance to speak to Kellie about running epicman and ultras, her ambassadorship at GoTribal, her best marathon advice, and exactly why she does these crazy events.

How to Build Strength to Improve Running Efficiency (Brendan Brazier)
Clearly marathon running is an endurance event, not a strength sport. For a marathoner, what advantage is it to be able to lift more weight? As it turns out, it can actually be a significant benefit.

You ARE a Runner: 5 Tips For Getting Started (Sarah Bolandi)
Looking back I wish I had someone to tell me how to become a better runner before my first half marathon. So, I put together a list of 5 things that will help you get started successfully.

Performing Interval Run Workouts: A Step By Step Guide (Lucy Smith)
Lucy Smith, 19-time Canadian Champion and 2-time World Championship Silver Medalist, takes us step-by-step through how to have a successful speed training workout and improve our running.

25 Yoga Poses That Will Make You a Better Runner (Willow Ryan)
It is absolutely NOT true that yoga and running can’t be done together. In fact they complement each other. Read for a list of 25 poses plus one video on stretches that are good for runners.

Strength Endurance for the Endurance Athlete (Andrew Read)
The starting point for peak performance is building strength. A lot of smart guys have said this. So how should an endurance athlete go about this?

Eat For Endurance: 4 Things the Pros Do (Andrew Read)

In a recent study done on researchers found elite cyclists consumed food and liquid in a very different way than recreational athletes. What do the pros do that we could do, too?

Run All Night: Ragnar Relay Series (Valerie Worthington)

If you like to temporarily deprive yourself of sleep, hygiene, and your sanity — and if you have a sense of adventure and a love of running, then the Ragnar Relay might be for you.

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