10 Foods Clean-Eating Women Have in the Kitchen

The successful women I know have one thing in common – the things in their fridge. Here are the 10 foods the clean-eating, paleo women I know keep around at all times to stay healthy.

You’re either making excuses or you’re finding a way to make a clean life happen. Through my experiences working with women in the Los Angeles area, I’ve learned that it’s one hell of a rat race and you better have your act together. Women who have their diet dialed in, whether they’re moms or not, keep a pretty standard roll call in their fridge or within close proximity. These women know what is good for them and why. They know what works with their particular body and what does not. They know their go-to meals in the drop of a hat. And, they definitely know when not jeopardize their current health status.

If you’re new to the paleo or clean way of eating, this list may give you a jump. If you’re not new, this list may offer a bit of spice to your already standard list. Based on the successes and failures I’ve seen, I’ve come up with the top ten products that every woman aiming to get the “clean eater award” should have in her fridge.

  1. Coconut oil. Not only can you cook with this product, but you can also put all over your skin and hair. By far the most universal product on the planet.
  2. Cage-free eggs. Quality counts and eggs go with anything. You can eat them for breakfast in a scramble, lunch as in a paleo sloppy joe, or even on top of pork for dinner.
  3. Grass-fed ground beef. Again, quality counts. We buy our grass-fed beef from out of state and freeze it. This is the go-to whenever we need a quick meal.
  4. Olive oil. Similar to coconut oil in the many uses. Throw it on a salad and it makes all the difference in the world.
  5. Kraut. Talk about nutrient dense food. This is real food probiotics. Whole foods or any local market will sell kraut. This is good with anything from eggs to burgers to steak or just as a snack. If you’ve recently run a course with antibiotics, you need to get acquainted with probiotics as soon as possible.
  6. Himalayan salt. You can put this on anything and it will taste divine. This is the purest and finest salt you can get your hands on. The salt also has numerous health benefits. You can put the salt in your bath or using it as seasoning.
  7. Fresh veggies. When we get our veggies, I will wash them and cut them up and bag them. This is so that they are ‘game time ready’ when we want to snack or cook with them.
  8. Bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? Get the finest bacon. Throw the bacon in with spinach and onions and you’ve got yourself a great side dish. Cook with eggs for breakfast and you will be full for quite some time. You can do anything with bacon and it will taste amazing.
  9. Onions. This food is super nutrient dense. We put onions in almost everything. My sister even eats onions whole like an apple.
  10. Grass-fed, full fat butter. This is great to cook a steak with as in the Gordon Ramsey way or adding to your coffee to make it ‘Bullet Proof.’

top 10 foods for women, 10 foods for women, woman's refrigerator, paleo womanBonus: Fish Oil. I was purposely not talking about supplements because that is a whole other article, but this bonus item is definitely fish oil. Take a swig of liquid fish oil once a day and you’re on your way success. If I feel exhausted or as if everyone around me is sick, then I will definitely double up on the fish oil. I take Original Nutritionals, but you can take whatever you would like. Just make sure you know the source.

There you have it. The top ten items that every successful, clean-eating woman has in her fridge. The list may vary a little bit, but I guarantee most women have some form of animal protein, fish or fish oil, veggies, and coconut oil. If you do not use these products, I would highly advise starting to incorporate at least one at a time into your daily life.

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.