12 Reps – The Breaking Muscle Digest – Vol. 1, Issue 14

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

Sorry for the break, we’ve been incredibly busy! Between the site redesign, building the coaching sub-site, setting up the new subscription site for athletes, and getting ready to roll out the new Size or Shred program, it’s an amazing time for Breaking Muscle and our readers.

As many of you know, Dr. John Rusin and Kalli Youngstrom have been coaching in our forum for the past couple of months. The reader response has been fantastic, so we asked John and Kalli to create a new, complete program especially for Breaking Muscle readers.

What they came up with is beyond what we could have hoped for and will be the first-ever private coaching program on Breaking Muscle, a functional hypertrophy and fat loss program focused on pain-free training and healthful eating.

Click here for more information or download the free More Muscle, Less Fat ebook that includes Dr. Rusin’s first Breaking Muscle program plus thirty pages of training and nutrition guidance.

Featured Article of the Week:

MORNING GLORY: WHAT SLEEP-RELATED ERECTIONS SAY ABOUT YOUR HEALTH – What’s the easiest way to assess optimal physiology in the hard-charging male? A well-pitched tent first thing in the morning!

Reader Favorites:

ARE YOUR WEAK NECK MUSCLES MAKING YOUR HAMSTRINGS TIGHT? – One of the most common relationships is inhibition (weakness) of the deep neck flexors to facilitation (tightness) in the hamstrings.

ACCELERATE YOUR FAT LOSS WITH CINCO SETS – Learn the what, why, when, and how of cinco sets. Goodbye, comfort zone.

WHAT JULIE FOUCHER’S TRAINING SAYS ABOUT HER ACHILLES INJURY – A brutal training schedule with few box jumps – interesting facts come out when Sabermetrics is applied to Julie Foucher’s stats leading up to her achilles injury.

3 NOT-SO-OBVIOUS EXERCISES TO COMBAT ACHILLES PAIN – Check out these unconventional, or less heard of, exercises to help you combat that pain in the Achilles.

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF CROSSFIT – Historically, the Ten Commandments set out the laws on how you should live and treat others in your community. CrossFit communities need guidelines, too.

WHY CROSSFIT WILL NEVER JUST COOL IT WITH THE AMERICAN SWING – A look inside the reasoning that made the American swing CrossFit’s style of choice.

THE 1ST PULL IN WEIGHTLIFTING: GO FAST OR SLOW? – Spoiler alert: the answer, as usual, is it depends. Depends on what? Find out.

Workout Programs:

AN 8-WEEK LONGEVITY-BASED PROGRAM FOR MASTERS WEIGHTLIFTERS – Shannon Franklin of CrossFit Survival brings us a weightlifting program that won’t leave you broken.

MUSCLE MASS, STRENGTH, AND MOBILITY: CHOOSE 3 – Dr. John Rusin has combined his expertise as a strength coach with his physical therapy doctorate to create the first functional hypertrophy program, emphasizing enhanced performance without pain through accelerated regeneration techniques you can do yourself.

POWER AND ENDURANCE TRAINING FOR FIRE PROFESSIONALS – Build the stamina, strength, endurance, and power you need to perform in physically and mentally demanding situations.

12 WEEKS OF TRAINING FOR YOUR FIRST SPRINT-DISTANCE TRIATHLON – Twelve weeks to your first sprint tri, but we have 24 more weeks that follow if you’d like to try for the full distance.

We hope you enjoy these selections – see you next week for another installment.

The Breaking Muscle Team

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