12 Reps – The Breaking Muscle Digest – Vol. 1, Issue 9

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

So much great, new content this week that there wasn’t room for all of it. We chose the best of the best for you, though.

Video of the Week:

VIDEO: Chris Duffin – Breathing and Abdominal Bracing for Strength

Featured Article of the Week:

Functional Mass Gain: How to Build Real Horsepower – The goal of functional mass gain is to put on size, but also get stronger, stay agile, stay fast, stay flexible, and maintain mobility.

Reader Favorites of the Week:

Mid-Open Rule Changes: What Is Going on at CrossFit HQ? – How do you deal with the heartbreak of being cheated out of advancement by rule changes instead of being beaten fairly by a stronger athlete?

Blackened Atlantic Cod With Root Vegetable Mash – Try it, you’ll like it!

blackened atlantic cod with root vegetable mash recipe

The Expression of Strength, Part 1: Absolute Strength – Sounds like an epic movie title, doesn’t it? Well, it kind of is. In our quest for strength, we must first understand what types there are to seek.

Hugs Are Awesome (and Good for Your Health, too) – Oxytocin, dopamine, and a frisky old landlady – this one has it all. A must-read.

The Great Egg Debate – Finally get this question out of the way. Why you should and shouldn’t not eat eggs. It’s all here.

3 Mouth-Watering Post-Workout Recipes – From Tim Harrison, the Girevik Chef, come these delicious and healthy ways to refuel and reload after a hard training session.

Workout Programs:

Short and Sweet: 4 New 6-Minute Workouts for Busy People – The benefits of training without the time commitment, or much, if any equipment – what’s not to like? From kettlebell expert Lauren Brooks.

Sled Training Basics, Plus a Go-To Sled Workout – Sled training can be fun and challenging at the same time, and offers a break from the same-old picking up heavy things all the time.

Beginner Cyclists: A Program to Get You Started – A guide to getting into cycling, including your first four-week training program.

From the Archives:

10 Killer Tips to Boost Your Squat – A perennially popular article, for good reason. Give these a try and see if you can put a few extra pounds on the bar.

We hope you enjoy these selections – see you all next week for another installment.

The Breaking Muscle Team

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