3 of the Best: This Week’s Top Articles, Vol. 43

These pieces have caught your attention throughout the week. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

Welcome to our weekend roundup, Three of the Best! Every Saturday, we’ll post up Breaking Muscle’s top three articles of the week. These pieces have caught your attention throughout the last seven days. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

[Photo Credit: Cara Kobernik]

#1 – The Anthropological Argument About Carb Consumption

By Cliff Harvey

Before anyone accuses me of being some crazy ‘Paleo guy,’ remember I started consulting in the nutrition field before Paleo was cool, back in the late 1990s. But as a rationalist and a scientist, it makes sense to look at remaining (or recently remaining) hunter-gatherer populations for some of the best evidence of not only how humans have eaten over the course of our progression as a species, but also how this affects health, and what we should be doing now.


#2 – The Truth About Women’s Training

By Walter Dorey

When it comes to physical training, the biggest mistake trainers make is training women differently than men. And the biggest trap women fall into is thinking they have to train differently than men. If an untrained group of men and an untrained group of women do the same training routine, what happens?

Both groups get stronger.


#3 – A Champion’s Mindset

By Noel Plaugher

A mindset towards a goal will often draw critics in the form of: “You need balance,” or “Don’t overdo it.” But you must ask yourself: Is it my balance or someone else’s? You need to do what is necessary, and you will know what that is. Just because someone else can’t imagine spending an afternoon in a sweaty gym and loving it doesn’t mean you should stop. If you are trying to accomplish something it usually means that you must be prepared to sacrifice and confront difficulty.


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