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Charles “Chuck” Bennington has been intimately involved in the CrossFit community since his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2009. His interaction is not with just his local area, but the international CrossFit community at large. He has been coaching multiple levels of CrossFit clients on a daily basis for the past four years and spent three years as the Director of Operations at GSX CrossFit in Fort Worth, Texas. Beyond typical CrossFit coaching, Chuck has been working for several years working with a team of some of the best individuals in the community to plan, coordinate, and execute various competitions to test athlete fitness levels, both in the individual and team settings. The events he has been a part of bringing to life in the last several years include 2010 CrossFit South Central Regional, 2011 Reebok Global Marketing Meeting, 2011 Life AsRx Tour, 2012 Life AsRx Signature Series, 2013 Xtreme Top Box Throwdown, and currently the Monster Series. Chuck currently resides in Sarasota, Florida where he and his wife own and operate Seaward CrossFit. Aside from traveling as a lead coach with CrossFit Gymnastics and coaching at his home gym, he also works on a one-on-one and remote-coaching basis to assist individuals competing in weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit with programming and nutrition guidance.

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