Author: Jonathan Precel

Jonathan Precel is a personal trainer who has tried it all. From throwing up after completing a sub-four-minute Fran during his CrossFit days to working through periodized strength and power programs, Jonathan works on one simple philosophy: don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Back in his school days, he first turned to the gym to help with his basketball performance but once he caught the iron bug there was no escaping from it. His love of iron, his fascination of the human psyche, and his nerdy, deep-seeded love of all things super hero related eventually led him down a path whereby he could help people not only train their bodies to heroic-sized proportions but also their minds. Despite having turned to teaching English at the start of 2010, his love of fitness, psychology, and motivation have not died down. Jonathan still advises people on how best to stay fit enough to survive the impending zombie apocalypse through personal consultation.

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