Author: Lauren Beasley

For years, Lauren Beasley, MS, PT, OCS, NKT worked in high-volume clinics where traditional care met the needs of her patients – until her first CrossFit athlete sought her help, that is. At two days post-major shoulder surgery, her patient asked, “When can I go back to CrossFit?” In light of the fact that he was not kidding, Lauren was presented with a challenge to return this athlete to his sport amidst a world of medical professionals advising against overhead movement and deep squats. Shortly thereafter, Lauren traded in her khaki pants and polo shirts for sneakers and spandex, swapped thirty patients per day for thirty patients per week, and worker’s comp cases for professional athletes at her new practice, Total Physical Therapy. Lauren landed herself in an environment where she could employ a diverse skill set and work one-on-one with highly motivated clients. Most importantly, she finally found a way to practice physical therapy as she had always wanted, helping individuals to operate at the highest level possible, regardless of their starting point. Lauren’s treatment philosophy is simple: where there’s a will there’s a way. With clients dedicated to and invested in their rehabilitation, Lauren keeps up her end by seizing every opportunity to learn and improve, as a professional and individual. She has attended dozens of continuing education courses and has learned from highly-renowned clinicians, fitness professionals, and coaches in her tireless pursuit of understanding the inner workings of the human body. The rest of the Lauren’s qualifications can be found here. When Lauren is not treating clients, presenting mobility workshops, traveling to competitions with her athletes, or writing about all of the above, you can find her along side her clients as a fellow CrossFit athlete and part-time yogi.

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