Author: Peter Curcio

Peter Curcio is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He wears many hats in his professional life, as resident sports dietitian for Portland State University Athletics, independent nutrition consultant, and personal trainer at Premier Sport & Fitness in Happy Valley, Oregon. Although active in several sports from a young age, Peter struggled with being overweight through high school and into college. As a college student, he read up on nutrition, hit the weight room, and succeeded in losing fifty pounds while earning a degree in music. After working as a professional musician for several years, Peter realized his interests in nutrition and fitness were more than hobbies, and returned to school to study nutrition and exercise science. He is a graduate of Oregon State University and completed his dietetic internship at Oregon Health Sciences University. Peter loves to tackle the mental side of nutrition, not only in the context of weight management and athletic performance, but also in the pursuit of being a normal, healthy human being. His mission is to help others successfully navigate their own nutritional hurdles and find their path to awesomeness. In his spare time, Peter loves lifting heavy things. He is also known for his love of pancakes. In fact, he has developed his own rating scale to rank the local offerings around Portland. Peter is living proof that you CAN lose weight and still enjoy food. Peter loves sharing what he’s learned with others. You can find him online at Curcio Health.

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