Author: Sean Waxman

Sean Waxman comes from a family three generations deep of national and world level athletes. Adept at football, baseball, and track, it was in college that Sean truly fell in love with Olympic weightlifting. He gave up football to focus on weightlifting and becoming a coach. Sean has always taken the title of coach quite seriously and has backed up his teaching with a masters degree in biomechanics as well as seven years of full-time training as an athlete himself. As an Olympic weightlifter under the tutelage of Bob Takano, Sean became a USA Weightlifting National Team member, won a national medal, and was five-time California State Weightlifting champion. Now Sean's mission is to build a team of American athletes who can consistently perform on the international level. He is also passionate about taking CrossFit athletes to the next levl of their performance. He coaches out of his gym, Waxman's Gym, in Southern California. Sean's three weeks of programming are for a beginner or intermediate athlete and include the primary Olympic lifts as well as a variety of assistance work. To learn more about Sean, read our feature interview: Featured Coach: Sean Waxman, Part 1 – Building a Legacy Featured Coach: Sean Waxman, Part 2 – On Being a Coach

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