Because of the variety of connections, your back plays a primary role in all strength exercises.
Gym etiquette is clear: Get off your cell phone, dingus. People who spend time on their cell phones never get a truly effective workout. Don't believe that? You can't argue with science.
Indian Clubs are an ancient, efficient, and effective tool designed for fluid, complex movements essential to upper body health, mobility, and movement patterning.
Knee injury is rarely a knee problem, but rather a hip, knee, ankle problem.
Introducing a self-limiting element to your training will emphasize movement quality to build precision and strength.
These tools will help you get a clear picture of what's working in your training.
Comfort food doesn't have to be reserved only for "cheat" days.
Train over/unders to develop explosiveness and coordination.
Train your body to move with precision to safely navigate obstacles on your field of play.
Being upside down calms the nervous system, stimulates circulation throughout our body, and makes us head-to-toe stronger. It's worth it.
Practicing jumping outside of yoga will make the small jumps in your yoga practice lighter and easier.
Balancing drills build stability and strength in your feet and ankles, the foundations of natural movement.
If the swing and get up can improve the impressive balance of ballet dancers, chances are kettlebells can do the same for you.
Connect with your spiritual body and take your training to a new level.
Having a family can be a roadblock or an opportunity. It's up to you.
Natural selection applies to humans too, so make sure you are making healthy choices.
For every exercise, the outcome is determined by the set up. Logan Christopher shows you techniques to kick up into a stable freestanding handstand.