Sometimes we forget that the workout is not the end goal, it is merely part of the process to a larger vision.
Weight is important. But speed of movement is an informative index to evaluate efficacy of training.
The "Oprah of Health" doesn't seem to be stoppable - she just gets to distribute her kooky health ideas to millions more people in lots of new ways.
Without standards and quality control, your knowledge, passion, and coaching skills are for naught.
Egotism, nepotism, and politics have the potential to ruin the careers of players and coaches alike.
Misunderstanding sport specific training can lead to decreased performance or even injury.
The best coaches are leaders, and the best leaders let their clients be the center of attention.
Softer modalities of training deliver surprising preventative and performance benefits.
Coaching is not about the sets, it’s not about the reps, and it’s not about the business bullshit—it’s about a relationship with the human being in front of you.
Applying strongman training in new ways is delivering great physiques and amazing performance.
Your strength coaches have a lot more to teach you than just how to put more plates on the bar.
Are you spending too much time on the distractions of your business?
Finding clarity in your coaching practice will allow you to powerfully connect to your clients.
Being an effective coach requires a skillful blend of art and science.
Weightlifting simply doesn't present a great coaching challenge, despite what your weightlifting coach may say.
Sport-specific coaches and fitness trainers shouldn't get clients the same way.
The mood, emotion, and energy in an class hinges on the ‘soundtrack’ you play.