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crossfit open

The reason you keep hitting refresh speaks volumes of the type of athlete you are.
Having a dream is one thing, but are you ready to put in the work it takes to compete at an elite level in CrossFit?
Masters and teens athletes strategize their workout plan for this weekend's online competition to get a place at the CrossFit Games.
This is a straight-up "engine" WOD designed to hurt, and hurt bad.
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Handstand pushups will be the deciding factor in this one.
In this WOD, efficiency may be more important than strength.
Dumbbells could be a big factor in how you manage this workout competitively.
Radical changes to your diet are not the way to get the best from your body in competition.
It's time to strategize the best approach to the first of this year's CrossFit Open WODs.
Here are my final tips to help you perform your best in this year's Open.
Proficiency in toes-to-bar has been a separator in every open thus far. Don't expect this year to be any different.
Plan your meals for competition in the same way you plan your workouts.
The final 4 weeks of your open preparation means that you are that much closer to reaching your goals.
The Open can be an opportunity to generate excitement for your members - as long as you don't let it hijack your programming.
To compete in the Open, there are more movements than ever to master.
This is the initial 4 week phase beginning your 2017 CrossFit Open preparatory workouts. It's a great way to set fitness goals that you can work towards in a clear, well defined manner.
The Open season is upon us. Follow these rules and embrace the fun of kicking ass – legitimately.