Dealing with life’s beatdowns head on builds resilience and defines what it means to be human.
The physical preparation considerations for an MMA fighter are as complicated as you'll find in all of sports.
This episode, we cover topics included building size for different sizes, cardio that can burn fat while retaining muscle and much more.
If you assume the worst, only the best can happen.
There is no sport or training modality that combines the physical and mental challenges of MMA.
You can't beat a fighter's workout for a lean, strong upper body.
These are the most common mistakes I see in fighters' strength training plans, and my suggestions for fixing them.
Training this way will help you get past being a "first round hero" and give you energy in later rounds.
When it comes to that gritty stamina required for fighting, the kettlebell is the king of the hill.
This event was one of the best experiences I have ever had as a spectator of combat sports.
Choosing the correct competitive weight class in boxing involves factors unique to the sport.
You won't hurt yourself by engaging in this sword-fighting sport - as long as you know how to be en garde.
Man is wolf to man, and violence results. What can we learn from it?
Having studied boxing and the martial arts for many years as both student and teacher, I have come to accept that to fight is to face uncertainty and paradox.
There a reason fighting is compared to chess. It takes real smarts to succeed - street smarts, book smarts, and self-awareness. And both are a lot like life.
When I was an MMA fighter I had to sit my wife down and tell her I would be abstaining from our regular “adult time” activities for the month and half prior to my fight. This did not go over well.
The brainchild of two MMA business veterans, the U of MMA strives to create a positive community environment for both the fighters and the spectators.