martial arts

These blood flow restriction (BFR) cuffs may be the new addition you need for your training regimen if you are a serious about your training.
Inspired by conversation with John Du Cane of Dragon Door and Qigong, kettlebells, and fitness.
The midline rule determines which stance to use for any lift and teaches the lifter to think for themselves.
Everyone needs training partners, at times, to be honest with them, to pull them, push them, drag them, or pick them up.
Your physical disciplines reflect your deepest interests and reveal the less understood facets of our being.
Dealing with life’s beatdowns head on builds resilience and defines what it means to be human.
In fact, those Friday and Saturday nights were false points of pride for myself, because I felt I was somehow morally superior for exercising rather than having fun.
It doesn’t matter what you’re training toward or the particular sport or art—it may be time to empty your cup.
The hardest part about any combat sport is that it will hurt a bit no matter what you do, but knowledge will make things a bit better.
If you assume the worst, only the best can happen.
When Western science is used to evaluate Eastern practices, the results are stronger athletes.
Being in the present moment can help us deal with the hectic pace of our current lifestyles.
When you're training for something as unpredictable as violence, martial arts isn't enough.
To gain full control of your mind and body, you must learn to negotiate with them in any circumstance.
The movement asymmetry in martial arts can lead to big problems with your spine, but there are two simple moves that will help prevent any issues.
Moving the body is the best medicine for the mind.
There is no sport or training modality that combines the physical and mental challenges of MMA.