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olympic weightlifting

The enforcement of a well-designed training plan will leave athletes primed for performance, physically and mentally.
An athlete is going to look like whatever she is.
An historical perspective on female athletes, the Olympics, and doping in Olympic weightlifting.
A serious athlete is revealed through effort, not gender.
The coverage of Toomey's performance in the 58kg division was published earlier today.
If you've caught the weightlifting bug, here's all you need to know to get started.
It looks like we're going to see a reshuffle of the final podiums from Beijing and London over the coming weeks.
Hard work is not enough. Identify your inspiration to achieve the lifting goals of a lifetime.
Your genetics don't determine your success in weightlifting. The responsibility is in your hands.
Bewildered and discouraged at your start in weightlifting? Here are some ways to improve like a pro, even if you're brand new.
Your preparation going into your next meet is as essential to your success as strength.
Lack of mobility can spell the difference between a miss and a big new PR.
If you only know one way to do things, what happens when that way doesn't work?
Excellence in weightlifting is not permanent. Neither is mediocrity.
Timing and technique can make all the difference between nailing it and bailing out.
Most of the time, we’re physically able to shift the metal. We fail because we psych ourselves out.
When it comes to modes of lifting, our differences are not as significant as our similarities.
These warm-up exercises will help you address the most common limitations and technical faults in today's lifters.