olympic weightlifting

This isn't about quitting when things get tough. Sometimes it’s pivoting and going a different way.
Bootstrapped gyms have to be about passion, commitment, and ultimately, service to the community.
Adding bodybuilding work to your weightlifting practice has its benefits, both ways.
How do we make sure we’re using the correct weights as we base percentages off of a max that may change during a two or three-month long training block?
If you want to develop yourself through many practices, even if only very slowly and recreationally, you need to create structure before you add.
You want to add yoga to your Olympic weightlifting or try martial arts with your powerlifting? Let's see what makes sense.
In the IWF rules, four cameras are used, one near each referee and another behind the platform.
Start everything in your life the proper way, or don’t start at all.
The split style died with weightlifters decades ago but it appears that its funeral was a bit premature.
Most athletes focus too much on the primary muscles, meaning legs, quads, hamstrings, the big muscle groups.
A weightlifter should strive to be in the optimal weight category for their body to be able to perform the best they can.
The rules are now set and lifters will just have to adjust to the new conditions as they always have.
Correct your movement patterns to gain strength.
The barbell sports gym is on the rise, and young coaches like Jesse Irizzary are leading the charge.
Flexibility is required for effective mobility. Mobility is end range strength training. There's no downside to have it all.
It's a shame to see a lifter pull a huge weight but not quite make the lockout. Here are some of the causes and solutions.
Top officials are well into retirement age while the generation that should be replacing them is often missing in action.