The most important thing is to wait until your body is healed.
This plan will ease you back into fitness after months of limited activity.
You've done the hard part and had your baby, but before you get back to heavy lifting, give your core some attention.
Diastasis recti makes training difficult. These safe workouts will rebuild your core safely.
Birthing balls are the latest trend sweeping the pregnant mother's fitness world. One study wanted to find out what happened when mothers spent more time training with or using the birthing ball.
It's important to know what changes are going on during the prenatal period and the cardiovascular effects of pregnancy.
A delicious and moderately spiced version of a traditional Indian dish is nutritious and packed full of protein, calcium, and vitamins.
This dish combines lean proteins with fiber rich vegetables for a winning combination.
During the few weeks of pregnancy, your digestive system can go through many changes, and the types of food and size of meals you were used to in the past can change.
Your children are at a much greater risk of obesity now more than ever.
If you think you are eating for two then you might just end up eating more than you bargained for, according to researchers at Penn State College of Medicine.
When returning to fitness after pregnancy, the key is to be kind and patient with yourself.
Staying healthy and fit while pregnant can have a profound effect on the health and athletic potential of your baby.
Internet photos inevitably become unreasonable ideals.
Perform these gentle movements to restore function and return fighting fit in your sport.
The first trimester of pregnancy is infamous for being a fitness deal-breaker, largely due to fatigue. But there are ways to work around it.
Many health professionals recommend light exercise for women on bed rest as a way to prevent complications.