smart strength

If you are not creating an environment for growth, you are creating one for injury.
Have you ever shown up for a workout and aren't feeling it? What do you do? How do you make adjustments? Intuitively. That's how.
Many diet plans brag about not counting calories. But will they work for you?
This method allows you to pack a powerful workout into a short time frame.
Your goals dictate how much, how often, and how hard you lift.
This scheme will help you with whatever skill you're trying to develop, while maintaining other areas.
Focusing on one adaptation doesn't have to mean losing ground on another.
Your goals are simpler than you think, and so are the methods that will get you there.
If any of these movements are staples of your routine, you can do better.
Intelligent attention to the details of your plan allows you to squeeze every ounce of progress from your workouts.
The fitness industry is all about creating rules, but you can break all of them and still succeed.
It's time to move past the outdated fear that weight training makes women unfeminine.
If you only train what you enjoy, you will not make progress.
Your specific needs as an athlete determine whether or not an exercise has utility for you.
Smart athletes think not only in terms of effectiveness, but also in terms of efficiency.
If you only know one way to do things, what happens when that way doesn't work?
These behaviors are non-negotiable. If you're missing one, you're falling short of your potential.