What is strength? Not strength like science or weightlifting defines it, but strength for you in your everyday life? Let's look at the idea of functional strength and what it really, truly is.
Feel like the little sport you loved has grown up and sold out? UFC? Weightlifting? CrossFit? You're not alone - most popular sports evolve similarly. Let's take a look at how a sport goes global.
If you don't own Greg Everett's original book on Olympic weightlifting then your library is not complete, whether you are a coach or an athlete. Read our review to find out why this book is essential.
Holley is back to keeping a journal here at Breaking Muscle! To start off, though, she's going to tell us about her wrist injury, how surgery went, and how she's training during the months of rehab.
The Cold War wasn't the only battle between East and West - there was also the Barbell War. The U.S. had many excuses for why the Soviets were winning the war. Was it training? Food? Drugs?
Valerie Worthington is a world-class grappler and a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. She's also funny and high introspective. Find out how Val got to be Val and how she answers our 12 questions.
An important ratio for a weightlifter to know is the ratio of the snatch to the clean and jerk. I'm going to tell you why it's important and how to make appropriate training adjustments.
Does training the power clean and power snatch train speed? The answer is no. I'll explain why in this article and explain what the power movements ARE useful for developing in your athletes.
Lifting straps - what are they and why should you use them? SHOULD you use them? If so, when? And how?? Let me answer all these question for you regarding weightlifting and lifting straps.
"You either lifted the weight or you didn't." Find out the reasons why coach Greg Everett loves weightlifting, and other fun things like, what is his favorite cheat food?
Do some countries have a genetic advantage when it comes to certain sports? Do Eastern Europeans do well at weightlifting because they're short? Are they even short? Read on for my analysis.
What does 19th Century Britain have in common with Canadian hockey? Or American weightlifting? Read on to find out how history repeats itself and if America will ever win a weightlifting gold.
Every beginning coach makes the same mistakes. They over-coach, say too much, and overwhelm their students. What they need is a lesson plan so simple they can write it on a bar napkin while drunk.
Coaching cues should be simple and understandable. Learn how to break your cues down into learnable chunks and how to apply these cues both in the training room and on the competition platform.
Greg Everett's first book is considered a "must have" by many coaches in the weightlifting world. His new book was written specifically for athletes who are NOT competitive weightlifters.
By this time next week, Holley will be in London! The Olympic Games are mighty close. Is Holley ready? Is she even packed??
This week - PRs on chin ups and bench press! In fact, I'm as strong on bench press as I was in my 30s. Want to see how a mature athlete trains? Check out my training journal.