DVD Review: “Prenatal Yoga” with Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea’s “Prenatal Yoga” is a great choice for a gentle, low-impact prenatal yoga routine to prevent pregnancy discomforts and relax the body and mind.

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Throughout all three of my pregnancies, prenatal yoga has been a lifesaver. Even on days when I’m not up to getting in a more intense workout, I try to fit in a yoga session. Its ability to relieve muscular tension, rejunvenate the body, and calm the mind are unmatched and so important during pregnancy. If you’re an athlete and continue training throughout your pregnancy, yoga is a great way to recover from more strenuous work.

Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga DVD has helped me keep up with my yoga practice through my last two pregnancies. It’s a gentle workout that is ideal to do on rest days or when you’re struggling with morning sickness or some of the discomforts of pregnancy. Here are a few things I like about this DVD:

  1. Modifications for all stages of pregnancy: Shiva demonstrates first trimester poses while two other women demonstrate modifications for the second and third trimesters. Some modifications require props.
  2. Appropriate for all fitness levels: The modifications are not only appropriate for all stages of pregnancy but also all fitness levels. I have recommended this video to some of my doula clients who are complete beginners at yoga and they loved it.
  3. Divided into short segments: The entire DVD is a little over an hour long, and it’s divided into three segments so you can either do it all at once or choose a shorter practice. I’ve found during this pregnancy since I have two young children at home, it can be hard sometimes to get in a long workout, so this makes it easy to do throughout the day instead of all at once.

Although it’s not as beautifully filmed as the Yoga Shakti DVD I reviewed a few months ago, the music is calming and there isn’t anything distracting about the set. Shiva Rea’s instructions are clear and the poses are well-demonstrated. I do wish that some of the poses were held a bit longer as it feels rushed at times.

If you’ve been doing yoga for a while and are used to sweating up a storm, be warned that this DVD is a little different. It’s a very gentle, low-impact workout that focuses primarily on breathing and stretching. I like to do this DVD for recovery on days when I’ve already done a more intense workout. If you are an avid athlete you will probably want to combine it with more vigorous activity.

If you’re like many women and work a desk job during your pregnancy, this is also a great choice. It’s amazing how stiff and achy you can get after hours of sitting at a desk. I like to break up a long work day with this DVD when I can, or do it before bed to relieve tension in my neck and lower back.

Overall, Shiva Rea’s DVD is a good choice for pregnant women who want to keep up with their yoga practice during pregnancy. I would recommend it in particular to women who are new to yoga or those who are experiencing a lot of aches and pains during their pregnancy.

“Prenatal Yoga” is available for $9.99 at Amazon.com.

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