3 of the Best: This Week’s Top Articles, Vol. 22

These pieces have caught your attention throughout the week. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

Welcome to our brand new weekend roundup, Three of the Best! Every Sunday, we’ll post up Breaking Muscle’s top three articles of the week. These pieces have caught your attention throughout the last seven days. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

#1 – Build a Resilient Spine: Start Here

By Matthew Ibrahim

You wake up with a sore lower back, and you go to bed feeling the same way. The discomfort is a constant reminder of how deconditioned you are. Trust me, I’ve been there. You know there’s something wrong. What gives?

If you’re dealing with debilitating lower back pain that just won’t relent, you’d benefit most from physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment. However, most people aren’t at that stage. Rather, they’re just dealing with a weak lower back, and are in dire need of good strength training. Here’s how to get started.


#2 – Corrective Posture Exercises for Chronic Sitters

By Maryann Berry

Almost all of us are guilty of being chronic sitters. The negative effects of this epidemic are too numerous to list in a single article, but today we’ll discuss how to counter the damage it does to your posture.

The exercises included in this article will activate key posture muscles and restore muscle function to the hips, spine, and shoulders. These exercises are intended to change your posture alignment, which will in turn reduce symptoms of pain in different parts of the body. They don’t just treat the symptoms, they correct posture.


#3 – How to Train for the Zombie Apocalypse

By Michael Blevins

People love to talk about the apocalypse. Maybe it’s a useful way to sort out the important issues, the non-starters and non sequiturs. Perhaps it helps them to think critically and objectively. Some even go so far as to say they are “training for the apocalypse.” They say it as something between a half-hearted joke and full-bore paranoia.

So how do you train for the apocalypse? It may shock you to find out that after all the years and copious hours you’ve spent trying to attain the most impressive 1-rep max numbers known to mankind, you’re no more fit for survival than you were when you started.


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Photo courtesy of Michael Blevins.