Core Training, Chicken Legs, and Cannons: 12 Articles by Tom Kelso

Here are twelve of Tom’s articles to teach you how best to train with minimal time, minimal injuries, and for maximum benefit.

The Core During the Overhead Press (And Other Core-Related Shenanigans)

An examination of core muscles and their activation during the overhead press. Plus some analysis of the general shenanigans surrounding the “core” in the fitness world.

How to Shoot a Cannon Out of a Canoe

Place a cannon in a canoe. Shoot it, and only minimal distance will be achieved. Improve the strength of your lower body to optimize your launching ability.

The 3 Laws of Muscle Activation in Resistance Training

When designing resistance training programs, we can’t ignore physics. Here are 3 laws of training that will simplify your programming and help you become more successful (i.e. stronger).

How Much Protein Do You Need? Science Weighs In

Everybody has a theory on how much protein an athlete should eat – but what does SCIENCE have to say about it? Do the recommended amounts make sense for athletes?

Tom Kelso is currently an exercise physiologist. He has worked with athletes at the Olympic and professional levels and is a strong advocate of safe, practical, and time-efficient training. He enjoys writing about these principles so that as many people as possible can learn the benefits of training with minimal time, minimal injuries, and for maximum benefit. Here are twelve of Tom’s articles to help you do just that.

Understanding Energy Systems: ATP-PC, Glycolytic, and Oxidative, Oh My!

As a trainer you don’t have to be a PhD, but it IS useful to have a working knowledge of the energy systems of the body and how they can be manipulated when designing training programs.

Don’t Be That Guy With Chicken Legs

So you’ve “gotta get that upper-body pump in.” Wonderful. Go for it, but what about your lower body development?

How to Choose the Proper Work and Rest Periods When Interval Training

If your goal is to maximize your endurance for your particular sport or event, then it matters how you set up your intervals when training. Here’s how and why.

3 Realities to Ponder if You’re Beginning a Training Program

If you’re inexperienced, starting a new program can be scary. I’ll get you going down the right path. I’ll begin by addressing three realities that should keep your efforts sensible and productive.

A Strength Training Session Without Conventional Equipment

Here’s a good story about someone obsessed with strength training. If you’re creative, you can train hard using items around your home.

20 Ways to Burn 500 Calories

Knowing that calorie intake is paramount for fat loss, what type and amount of exercise can you add? Here are activity suggestions that burn 500 calories based on your body weight.

Do Similar Exercises and Drills Transfer to Specific Sport Skills?

Can similar exercises and drills can transfer to specific sport skills and be effective? Or is the time better spent on exact replication of skills plus general strength?

The Villainous 45-Pound Bar Upper Body Workout

This workout is simple to understand but difficult to do. Take the challenge and throw it into your routine sometime. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.