Sunday Seven: The Week’s 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 88

Every Sunday we post the “Sunday Seven” so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: signs that you’re badass, injury in CrossFit, DOMS and more!

Every Sunday we post the “Sunday Seven” so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week’s most popular posts cover signs that you’re badass, injury in CrossFit, DOMS, mental toughness, barbell knurling, and an interview with bodyweight trainer Drew Baye!

1. So You Think You’re Badass? 12 Tell-Tale Signs (Chet Morjaria)

Have a read through the list. Have you got what it takes? Are you truly hardcore? Here are twelve dead giveaways that you are one seriously badass mofo.

2. A Not-So-Scientific Look at Injury in CrossFit (Jeff Barnett)

Recently researchers released one of the first scientific studies on injuries in CrossFit, but they decided to replace the laboratory with online CrossFit forums.

3. DOMS: The Good, the Bad, and What It Really Means to Your Training (Will Levy)

Despite the inconvenience of DOMS, a common belief is this soreness translates to progress, a job well done, and your ticket to inevitable Gainz™. Is this correct?

4. 5 Mental Cues to Bulletproof Your Brain for Training (Bret Hamilton)

How you mentally handle hardship when it arises can make or break your ability to stay on a fitness regimen. Consider the following five tips for when life is trying to get you down.

5. The Great Injury Debate: Is CrossFit Dangerous? We May Never Know (Patrick McCarty)

Rather than say there is no problem, I would much rather see a conversation around long-term fitness that allows CrossFit participants to remain injury free.

6. How Barbell Knurling Differs and How This Impacts Different Lifters (Dresdin Archibald)

Let’s talk about barbell knurling. How does it differ between barbells? How does it affect different lifters? How do you prep your hands to deal with it?

7. Interview With High-Intensity, Bodyweight Trainer Drew Baye (Tom Kelso)

Drew Baye is the President of Drew Baye’s High Intensity Training and one of the smartest science-based professionals in the business.

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