Get Ready for Handstands: Hand Position and Balance

Handstands might be simple, but they aren’t easy. Paying attention to how your hands interface with the ground will make them easier.

This is the seventh part of a comprehensive handstand video series designed to bring you toward a strong and stable free-standing handstand. While this video will bring benefit to your training regardless of your current fitness or goals, it is intended as part of larger handstand series. I encourage you to check out all of the preceding parts:

Hand Balancing and Engagement

I was recently discussing this series with a fellow coach who cheekily said, “What do you need multiple videos on handstands for? Just put your hands on the ground and your feet in the air.” He’s not wrong.

All joking aside, handstands are simple, but not easy. If you simply practiced all the time, you would eventually find balance. But this series aims to help you pattern in the best possible alignment and arm you with the tools to develop your balance quickly and effectively.

Over the last six weeks, we have opened up the proper alignment and developed the core strength and overhead stability to hold a solid handstand. This week’s video focuses on a few “secret weapons” of amazing handstanders. 

The video below offers a few simple, yet profound engagement tools to hone in your balance, and several progressively more difficult positions in which to practice them.

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