Get Ready for Handstands: Shoulder Prep

You can’t have a solid handstand if your shoulders aren’t stable and strong in an overhead position.

This is the second part of a comprehensive handstand video series that will bring you toward a strong and stable free-standing handstand. Get Ready for Handstands: Wrist Prep dove into readying the wrists. We aimed to get the joint moving freely while preparing it for loading. Part 2 will bring a huge benefit as a stand-alone, but also continues the larger series.

As we continue our full-body preparation from the ground up, we come next to the shoulders. Opening up the shoulder overhead position and strengthening your ability to accept and stabilize an overhead load rounds out the foundation of a solid handstand.

There is no positional issue in a handstand that does not originate at the wrists or shoulders. While these first two weeks might not seem as vital as the fun inverted work to come, they are invaluable for developing a strong handstand. They are the same as form and position work in some of your lifts. No one expects to snatch heavy without working to hone the requisite positions. Handstands are no different.

Check out the video below to learn exercises and drills to:

  • Increase your scapular (shoulder blade) mobility and control
  • Strengthen your ability to load your shoulders overhead
  • Increase your ability to stabilize an overhead load

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