Have Fun With Hydration: Infused Mason Jar Water

Bored with plain old water? I was too, so I decided to get creative.

There is no denying the role hydration plays in all of our lives, let alone the lives of athletes. Yet for many of us, hydration feels like a chore. Even those who enjoy the taste of water still struggle with proper daily hydration.

But without it, our bodies and athletic performance suffer tremendously. Especially as we head into the spring and summer months, we all need a gentle reminder to keep hydration in the forefront of the mind. My solution is to throw a little creativity in the mix.

Conscious Containers

For years, everyone in my fitness classes had drinks loaded with sugary vitamin C aids and endurance powders. The next conscious cycle was no sugar and water bottles with built-in filters for tap water. Then, we all realized plastic was not a good look, and glass became king. Everyone seems to have settled here. For convenience and environmental friendliness, Mason jars are my go-to containers.

If plain-old water does not appeal to you, I have a solution – infused Mason jar water. This solution makes water not only look appealing, but also taste delicious. Everywhere I go with these, people will stop and engage in conversation. The end result is usually a renewed excitement about both of our water games.

“Everywhere I go with these, people will stop and engage in conversation. The end result is usually a renewed excitement about both of our water games.”

Here are some of my favorite additions to add to water. Remember, the fun is all about getting creative. Use the following fresh herbs and fruit to aid the body during your next sweat-filled workout session. Simply put the herbs in the jar, fill it with filtered water, and top it with a lid. Adding a straw takes it over the top.

LEFT: Lime and peppermint infused water; RIGHT: Peppermint with frozen cherries


  • Mint: Mint keeps your breath fresh all day without added sugar. It also aids digestion and fights off fatigue.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary has been used to relieve muscle pain since ancient times. It also boosts your immune system and aids circulation.


Fruit and Flowers:

  • Frozen Fruit: These act as ice cubes to keep the water cool and refreshing.
  • Edible Flowers: Why not give yourself a handful of flowers with every sip? Some examples of edible flowers include pansies (pictured below), marigolds, dandelions, carnations, and begonias.

As athletes, we need to drink at least half of our bodyweight in water daily. Infused Mason jar water offers a fun, delicious, and healthy way to obtain hydration as well as benefits of the infused items.

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