Author: V Capaldi, "PaleoBOSS Lady"

V Capaldi, aka PaleoBOSS Lady™, has a master of arts in psychology with a focus on community. She considers herself a miracle since self-healing from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2012 using food and movement as medicine. In addition, she is 100% Italian, from Philadelphia, and born under the sign of Taurus, all earning her the title of a BOSS Lady. By questioning the status quo, V informs the community how to rewrite their narrative on life, healthcare, and living. 
She is the Tony Robbins of the Food Is Medicine movement, creating conscious awareness through life experience and self-empowerment. V has been an advocate for the disabled and started filming her life since 2009 in an effort to create awareness. With social media and blogging at her website, PaleoBOSS Lady lives to inspire, engage, and empower others to question the status quo, create their life narrative, and become their own miracle.

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