Healthy Travel Tips, Part 2: Hotel and Lodging

One of the major stresses at holidays is travel. Here are tips for how to keep yourself healthy whether you’re staying with friends and family or you’re staying at a hotel.

The holiday season includes many sources of stress. One of the most common stresses that affects our health is travel. Last week I gave you tips for traveling via automobile or plane. But maintaining your health once you reach your destination is just as beneficial for you to enjoy your holidays as is developing healthy habits for the plane.

Traveling near and far, I have developed some detailed travel routines. Many of these practices I developed are to ensure that I stay well and thriving. I’m constantly refining my ‘travel practice.’ As I mentioned before, I am requiered to be at my finest every day, regardless of travel stress. That said, there are a few tasks that I must do once I reach my destination.

Tip #1: Have the hotel empty the refrigerator for you.

Upon check-in, I will inform the hotel staff that I have a strict diet and I need to have the refrigerator emptied so I can store the food on my diet. The fridge is usually emptied within an hour or two. Not a big deal.

Tip #2: Go to the market.

Since the fridge is empty you now have room for snacks and small meals. Get healthy snacks or little meals that don’t have to be heated. Even if you are staying at someone else’s house, go to the market to get breakfast food for the morning and maybe ingredients for a healthy dish to make that evening.

Tip #3: Make everyone breakfast.

Every time we visit my mom we always inform everyone that we are making breakfast. This allows us to cater to our desires while also helping out in the house we are staying in. And, who doesn’t love a big breakfast?

Tip #4: Bring your own toiletries.

Nobody likes fussy skin, especially me. Your skin is not just a barrier to keep foreign invaders out. It is an organ and contains pores, and it is definitely susceptible to environmental triggers. I use organic, food-based products. Little glass containers are great to keep around for travel.

Tip #5: Keep a water bottle nearby.

The most beneficial thing people can do while traveling is to stay hydrated. As I mentioned in my previous article, staying hydrated on the plane is super important. However, just because you are in unfamiliar territory doesn’t mean you can slack on daily hydration. People often return from trips exhausted and with a cold, or they even come down with something while away. Hydration (and of course sleep) is key for keeping yourself healthy.

Tip #6: Bring workout clothes and a jump rope.

travel tips, healthy travel tips, staying healthy traveling, holiday travelThe coolest way to get to know a city is by getting to know it’s active culture. My first choice is to visit the local CrossFit gym. I love meeting new friends and suffering through a workout together. One of the first places I visited was CrossFit Miami Beach and they welcomed me as if I were already family. There is no better feeling than that in a city that is not your own. If I cannot get to a CrossFit gym, then I throw on my shoes and go explore the city. I pick my playlist and enjoy the scenery for as long I desire. If you cannot do either, then you can always workout in your hotel room. I’ve done this numerous times.

Enjoy your holidays but also put in a little effort to stay healthy. No one likes to start off the new year sick, so develop some healthy habits that work for you. Start evolving your ‘travel practice’ this holiday season. Contact me if you have any questions. Happy Holidays.

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