Introducing Dini Leopoldo and the RKC Kettlebell Workouts

Our new RKC Kettlebell Workouts start this week – 2 new workouts every week from now on! Meet the coach behind the workouts, RKCII certified instructor Dini Leopoldo.

Breaking Muscle is excited to announce our new workout:

The RKC Kettlebell Workout of the Day

Beginning this week you will have access to exclusive kettlebell-focused workouts, designed by expert coach Dini Leopoldo. Originally from San Paulo Brazil, Dini and her husband Fabio now reside in Ventura, California. She teaches kettlebell classes daily and is RKCII and NASM certified. Dini’s kettlebell workouts are special, because as she says, they are “Brazilian style!”

Dini’s passion for kettlebells began years ago when she met Senior RKC Instructor Doug Nepodal. From Doug she learned what the RKC is all about – safety, technique, and good form. In addition, Dini saw results in herself and her clients like never before. “In my opinion kettlebells are unique because they are a full body workout that mixes cardio and strength together,” said Dini. Working with kettlebells also improves your flexibility, mobility, and balance.

Dini’s kettlebell workouts are special because she combines bodyweight exercises, and yoga movements into her routines. Dini’s husband, Fabio, is a Brazilain jiu jitsu world champion and Dini is the head kettlebell instructor at his school, Gracie Morumbi, so she knows a bit about combining BJJ and kettlebells, not to mention combining hard work and fun!

dini leopoldo, rkc, kettlebells, kettlebell workouts, bjj and kettlebellsAccording to Dini it’s hard to get bored with kettlebells, especially the way she writes her workouts. And while some of the movements may be new to you, if you focus on the technique you’ll get the results you want, and quickly.

Kettlebell workouts are used by everybody from competitive athletes to stay-at-home moms with busy schedules. Whether you’re trying to build muscle or burn fat, you’ll find the RKC Kettlebell Workout of the Day has the workouts for you.

The RKC Kettlebell Workout of the Day will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday at 3am, Pacific. That’s two new workouts every week!

If you have questions, post them on the workouts, or just let us know how you did!

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