It’s Time to Face the Hard Reality of Fitness

Facing the truth was a common and important theme from this past week’s writing, so here are my picks for your must-read articles.

Editor’s Picks of the Week

Reaching your goals isn’t easy – whether you’re an athlete, a gym owner, or the parent of an aspiring athlete.

I mean, really, it’s not easy, and sometimes facing the hard truths about training, performance, and business can be even harder than the physical work itself. Facing the truth was a common and important theme from this past week’s writing, so here are my picks for your must-read articles.

The Truth About Training and Sports

The Reality of Combat and Special Forces Training

Don’t like running? Guess what? Specialized military service is probably not for you. Coach Andrew Read, a former special forces guy himself, gives some sage advice in this article for how to prepare yourself – and it does indeed include a lot of running.

Doping: A Growing Problem for Youth Athletes?

The possibilities are endless for young athletes, but the pressures can feel endless for them, as well. More and more teenagers are turning to performance-enhancing drugs to bolster their athletic dreams. Coach Jeanne Goodes explains why GH and other drugs are particularly dangerous for young people.

The Hard Road Is Worth It (Athlete Journal 19)

Alli Moyer has competed in a variety of sports over the course of her athletic career. She has become familiar with the darker days of training, and the hard work required to even aspire toward her goals. But in the end, she feels the hard work and the hard days is what makes it all worthwhile.

When Money Comes Into the Picture

STFU and Get to Work: Why You Didn’t Make the CrossFit Games

When money comes into play, then even the best laid training plans can go awry. Did distraction by self-promotion and sponsors get in the way of some athletes as they competed for a slot at the CrossFit Games this year? Coach Patrick McCarty theorizes.

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Are These Two Google AdWords Mistakes Costing Your Gym Money?

That money you’re spending to market your gym might be going down the drain. What if everything you’re doing on Google to advertise is wrong? Coach Teddy Kim gives detailed instructions on what you should be doing.

The Problem of Power, Money, and Integrity in Weightlifting

Even the sport of Olympic weightlifting isn’t immune to the negative impact of money. With CrossFit expanding the popularity of the sport, an influx of officials and business people are showing up at tournaments – and their motivations might be questionable. Long-time weightlifting official Dresdin Archibald explains.

Photo 1 by U.S. Army Europe Images from Heidelberg, Germany (1st Lt. John Tidwell Running Uploaded by GiW) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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