Jack of All Trades: 9 Articles By Nick Horton

Musician, mathematician, Zen meditator, and Olympic weightlifting coach – What doesn’t this guy do? Don’t miss these 9 articles by writer Nick Horton!

Not only is Nick Horton an awesome Olympic weightlifting coach, but he’s also a fantastic writer. His writing portfolio here at Breaking Muscle is as diverse as his list of interests and areas of expertise. Although his specialty is Olympic lifting, this guy writes everything, from training plans, to shoe reviews, to mythbuster pieces, to mushy love letters.

The 7 Fitness Myths (i.e. Total B.S.) You Need to Know

Seven things you might think you know about fitness…that just aren’t true at all. Read this article to gain some real information about how to reach your fitness goals.

The 21-Day Squat Challenge

Want to be able to squat more? Take the 21-Day Squat Challenge. Squat every day for 3 weeks, as described in this article and report back with your results!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Fitness Blogging

I get asked all the time how to become a successful fitness blogger. If you take these 7 sins to heart, you will be leaps and bounds above the other bloggers out there!

The 5 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes for Under $200 in 2012

Gone are the days where you have to spend $250 to get a pair of shoes that will last you years. Now you can spend almost HALF of that, and have shoes that will last you for years.

Sports Psychology Warning: Do NOT “Psych Up” ‘Til You Read This

From the hyped up football player to the calm golfer, finding the right emotional state that is appropriate for the task at hand is central to your ability to succeed in sports


Are You Geeky Enough To Be a Weightlifter?

We’ve been led to believe the best qualities of geeks and the best qualities of jocks are diametrically opposed. That’s B.S. The best Olympic lifters are equal parts geek AND jock.

Confessions of a Glamor Girl: On the Danger of Stereotypes in Fitness

Dressing like a glamor girl nearly got me put in jail when I was younger, but even as a more mellow adult I still run into stereotypes and prejudice…even in the fitness world.

A Love Letter To My Snatch

It’s been a long and torrid relationship. It’s had ups and down, brilliant moments and dark periods. But, in the end, my love remains true, so I share my love letters to my snatch.

How to Hang Clean: The ONLY 3 Things You Need To Know

Don’t believe the hype. Hang cleans are hard, but they ain’t THAT hard. Anyone can learn to do a decent hang clean – Anyone. And you only need to know three steps to do it!