Ladies Only: 9 Women’s Fitness Articles

Women face some challenges when it comes to health and fitness. Here are 8 no-nonsense articles for ladies who want to get strong and be healthy.

Let’s face it: women have some challenges when it comes to health and fitness. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean you have to train smart. Here are 9 no-nonsense articles for ladies who want to get strong and be healthy.

3 Indisputable Reasons for Women to Lift Heavy + 30 Day Challenge (Nia Shanks)

Women should lift heavy weights. I’m going to tell you 3 reasons why. Also, I’m going to give you a challenge. Lift heavy for 30 days and report back. Are you up for the challenge?

Train Like a Man, But Eat Like a Woman! (Lauren Brooks)

Intermittent fasting might be all the rage, but it’s just bad news for women. I talked to a number of female fitness experts and they all agreed – IF is not for women.

Stop Doing Kegels: Real Pelvic Floor Advice for Women (And Men) (Nicole Crawford)

You can never do too many Kegels, right? Wrong. Katy Bowman of the Restorative Exercise Institute discusses how to really strengthen your pelvic floor – during pregnancy and otherwise.

Breast Augmentation and the Athlete: What You Need to Know (Becca Borawski)

I know for a fact a lot of women out there – runners, kettlebell enthusiasts, CrossFitters, and others – are contemplating this surgery. So let’s have a practical talk about things you need to know.

Exercising While Pregnant: Strong Moms Build Strong Babies (Lindsey Mathews)

Numerous studies do show that a healthy, fit mom produces a healthy, fit baby. Building a strong body can lead to an easier pregnancy, better recovery, and a vibrant baby.

The Female Guide to Getting Lean (Tami Bellon)

Women often ask me, “How can I lose this?” while they’re pinching something. While no one is the same, there are a few general tips for getting lean, whether your goals are aesthetic or athletic.

Pregnancy Test = Positive = Time to Change My Goals (Zen Gray)

I was getting frustrated with my lack of weight loss in preparation for my fitness competition – and then I discovered that I’m pregnant! Time to reset my goals and my nutrition and fitness plan.

Women’s Workouts (Mindith Rahmat)

Our Women’s program is designed for women by women. The Women’s Workouts are fast and effective and can be performed in your home or gym. These workouts will increase your overall strength, stamina and functional fitness. Lose that extra weight, get toned, gain more energy and feel great!

Athleticism and Femininity: Can They Co-Exist? (Willow Ryan)

Many women struggle with finding a balance between being a warrior athlete and being a woman. This article outlines simple mental exercises to help you find balance and celebrate being female.