Love at First Bounce: The Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding is one of the best exercises I’ve ever experienced. After my first few days of jumping, I couldn’t believe the sore muscles I had.

I first heard about rebounding last year while listening to the Extreme Health Radio show. Rebounding is jumping on a trampoline, which I am sure many of us did as kids. I certainly have found memories of hanging out with my best friend, spending hours jumping and laughing on her trampoline during the summer months.

Fast forward to twenty years later. My partner and I went on a vacation and stayed at an amazing house we found through the Airbnb website. Not only was this home hidden in nature and surrounded by tall pine trees and mountains, but they also had a rebounder. This was serendipitous because on our drive up we had a discussion about rebounding and if it was something we wanted to try. Now we had the perfect opportunity to test it out.

By the end of the weekend, we were both hooked and decided to research a couple of the higher end models on the market. After listening to the above podcast, I knew that I wanted a rebounder that used bungee cords instead of springs. Bungee cords help to optimize the gravitational resistance that is exerted on every cell in your body as you bounce. While spring cords on a rebounder are much less expensive, they are also harsher on your joints because the shorter suspension of steel springs offers less elasticity.

So, we were left with two choices as far as rebounders: the Bellicon or the JumpSport. After doing more research, watching videos, and listening to various podcasts, the Bellicon was chosen. Some people might think we’re crazy because it costs twice as much as many as the other rebounders on the market (starting at $750), but since we had actually demoed one for a few days and heard all the amazing reviews, it was a simple choice and one we do not regret.

The benefits of rebounding are endless, but share with you the five I feel to be the most important and life enhancing:

1. Full Body Detox

Rebounding gets your lymphatic system up and running and is a great way to start each day. It is the only exercise that strengthens, cleanses, and tones every cell in the body. The lymph system works according to our movement. Without movement, the toxins, poisons and heavy metals will lay stagnant in our body. Not flushing our lymphatic system is like filling your wastebasket with trash and letting it pile up for weeks on end. That is not a pretty site! But this is what is happening inside your body if you are not consciously moving it every day.

The way rebounding flushes the lymphatic system is by the constant up and down motion. This tension and relaxation phases in the musculature are transporting lymph a little further each time, all in the same direction. According to Bellicon:

On the summit of the bouncing curve, you are practically weightless and your muscles will relax completely. On the other hand the tension and relaxation phases in the musculature are transporting lymph – as well as blood – a little further each time. The valves make sure, that lymph is always pushed in the same direction. Apart from draining the lymph faster, this also leads to accelerated detoxification of the body and improved purging of waste from the body.

2. Weight Loss

Rebounding has been especially helpful for people who are not fans of cardio workouts. The gentle and constant up-and-down motion helps release an enzyme in your muscle cells that is responsible for splitting open fat cells and converting their contents into energy. Too much cardio can have a negative effect on your metabolism and slow it down after a prolonged period of time. Conversely, rebounding is a metabolic-supporting exercise where you can breath easily while doing it and not stress your metabolism. Basically, you body is not in a fight-or-flight state, so it is still able to convert your fat cells into usable energy and lose weight in the end.

3. Easy on the Joints

Rebounding is easy on the joints while still strengthening your internal and external body. It is especially encouraged for those who have osteoporosis, are overweight, or experience knee pain. Since bone density and bone mineralization are laid along axial lines of stress, the act of rebounding causes an acceleration and deceleration that happens on each jump. Because the acceleration and deceleration impacts every cell and muscle in the body, it acts as a whole-body exercise and helps to put angular stress on every bone that is attached to your muscles. Rebounding is also used with NASA astronauts to help regain bone density lost when they are in space. You can read more about that from a study conducted in 1980.

4. Improves Stability and Balance

Having a strong foundation of stability and balance is crucial to easily move through everyday life. The rebounder helps build up all your core muscles by actively engaging your mind-body connection through use of your ocular nerves and inner ear canal. Because your body is moving in directions it cannot always predict, it helps to put your physiology in a kinesthetic state of learning and reacting. Rebounding has even been incorporated into the training for professional boxers in the U.K. to jump on in between sets while at the gym. This has greatly increased the stability, balance, agility, timing, and coordination of many boxers.

5. It’s Fun!

I absolutely love my rebounder and never miss a day of jumping. I am usually on it for fifteen to twenty minutes a day. It is one of the best exercises I have ever experienced. After my first few days of jumping, I couldn’t believe the sore muscles I had (primarily in my core). Just goes to show that if you are an athlete or yogi, you can always benefit from stability training. I also love that it is easy on my joints and perfect for those days when I do not have the energy to hit the gym or take a run through the woods. It is perfect for quick bursts of movement if you work at home or can’t get outside, too. Another benefit is that it gets your intestinal track working quickly and improves your digestion and elimination daily. (Plus, our cats love the rebounder, too.)

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The rebounder is beneficial for improving your overall healthy, agility, and longevity. Adults and kids of all ages and any fitness levels can use it. This is a great tool to use as an additional supplementation for any action sport or yoga practice. It is an investment, but it is worth the cost. I highly recommend adding rebounding to your daily exercise routine not only because of the many health benefits, but also for the pure joy of jumping!


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