Post-Workout Nutrition: 10 Articles To Help You Fuel Your Training

Fueling your training doesn’t just take place before your workout. Read these ten articles to learn the ins and outs of how you should eat after you train.

When it comes to making your workouts effective, timing your nutrient intake matters. Here are ten articles to help you navigate the complex world of post-workout nutrition, covering everything from the role of macronutrients to why fermented milk is a better choice than other fermented beverages – even for rugby players.

Pass the Protein Shake: Digging Into Pre- and Post Workout Nutrition (Peter Curcio)

Are you confused about what to eat before and after a workout? Frustrated by what and when to eat? Read on for some best practices when it comes to fueling your body before and after training.

Science Says Alcohol Not the Best Post Workout Drink (Joshua Wortman)

No joke. Researchers followed rugby players, of all people, and took a look at the effect of post-workout alcohol consumption on their strength, power, and recovery abilities.

Unless you’re training multiple times per day and not eating proper meals, your post-workout meal isn’t critical. Time to turn your attention to your pre-workout food if you’re not seeing results.

Fermented Milk Shown More Effective Than Milk Post-Workout (Doug Dupont)

In the search for the perfect post-workout beverage, researchers compared regular old milk to fermented milk. They found it might actually do a better job of preventing soreness and inflammation.

An Idiot’s Guide to Post Workout Recovery Drinks (Andrew Read)

Sports drinks are a huge industry – over $1.5 billion back in 2007. But what do you REALLY need to look for in a sports drink and how does it ACTUALLY help your body?

Real World Advice for Post Workout Nutrition (Stephanie Greunke)

Stephanie Greunke, nutrition expert, gives us the simple why and how behind good post workout nutrition. It’s not that complicated and you really ought to be doing it.

What’s the Best Recovery Drink for Multiple Workouts? (Doug Dupont)

There’s been a lot of research done on post-workout drinks after one workout, but what if you have two or more workouts in a day? A new study answers that question.

Eating to Recover: How and What to Eat Post Workout (Brad Sly)

I believe your post-workout meal is one of the most important meals of your day. Let’s look at why it’s so important and what you can do to promote the best possible recovery nutrition.

Post-Workout Nutrition: Carbs Only? Or Carbs + Protein? (Joshua Wortman)

The always continuing post workout nutrition debate rages on. New research says adding protein to your post workout food/drink doesn’t make a difference. What do you think?

What Makes the Best Post-Workout Recovery Drink? (Becca Borawski)

A recent review published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research looked through numerous studies to determine what might be the best recovery drink for endurance and team-sport athletes.

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